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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

TMI i know but pls help!

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chocorocco · 27/08/2011 20:25

I miscarried naturally 4 weeks ago i was 7 weeks pg. The bleeding stopped 2 weeks ago. This last week i've been experiencing lower abdo cramps and backache also very heavy white discharge. No smell just loads of it!

Could it be my period on its way? Period symptoms were never like this before the mc just had back and tummy ache! Is it normal?

OP posts:
mumatron · 27/08/2011 20:27

Could it be ovulation?

Sorry to hear about your mc.

chocorocco · 27/08/2011 20:30

Yeah maybe i hope so. I did wonder but i've never experienced discharge like this.
Think i need to start ttc now to heal wounds. Although i'll never forget my baby that i didn't meet.

OP posts:
mumatron · 27/08/2011 20:46

choco you'll never forget. I went through it 4 times to get my dc3. That almost baby will stay with you forever.

I certainly notice ov a lot more now than I used to so maybe it is that. It can take a while for cycles to settle back down though.

The very best of luck to you.

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