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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Medical management of missed miscarriage

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cheesetoastie · 14/08/2011 17:07

I have a second scan this week and am expecting to have a missed miscarriage confirmed. First scan dated the pregnancy at almost 4 weeks behind i.e. I had had a positive pregnancy test before the pregnancy was conceived according to scan dates. I haven't had any spotting/bleeding, just normal pg symptoms.
The EPU said that they would be unlikely to offer surgical management as the pregnancy is so small so they will offer me medical management if there is no growth by next scan.
Could anyone tell me what to expect after I have the tablets/pessary because we are due to go on holiday a few days after the scan and I'ld like to be prepared. I'm hoping that the worst will be over in the first 3 days and that then I'll be up to travelling and pretending to be cheerful for my current dc. Am I being too optimistic?

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Mama5isalive · 14/08/2011 23:40

so Sad for what your going through miscarriage is just heart breaking at any amount of time, being pregnant should be a happy time and when its cut short through a loss, its hard especially when all was going well as far as you knew!
( i found out at my 12 weeks scan on the 20th June 11)
i have not had a medical management so not advise to offer sorry!
i had the pessary to start of and lossen my baby tissue and it seem to start a few hours( heavy bleeding and clotting and pulling feelings like a bad period) on but they still insisted on the op so no remains would be left! im glad because i wouldnt of wanted it to drag( couldnt bear the thought of waking up a day longer knowing my baby had died) waking up pregnant going bed knowing i was not!!!! was hard and i cried for days after! but im getting so much support and reading a great book helping with my dealing, healing journey and i pray that i will be pregnant again real soon! on my 2 weeks waiting praying for no AF this month!!!!!!
Be kind to yourself and talk about your feelings with your DH/DP,cry, scream, shout let it all out! i wrote a letter adressing all my feelings and put it with my ESL confirming at 8 weeks all was well! had no scan photos etc!!!!!

I Pray all works out for you and try to enjoy your time away! be gentle with yourself please! all the best to a brighter future and when your ready climb aboard a thread and get united support, for your never alone on MN so many people , women have been where you are now and survived and smiled again! xxSmile

cheesetoastie · 16/08/2011 15:00

Thanks Mama5.

Have had the scan but since the embryo is only 5mm they want to scan again in a week's time. Needs to be 6mm with no heartbeat for them to offer medical or surgical help. Everyone is saying that is is a miscarriage/failed pregnancy since I should be 10 weeks now and embryo is more like 5 weeks but they have their protocol to follow so I have another week of waiting for the inevitable.

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Mama5isalive · 16/08/2011 16:44

Oh how very upsetting i had hope that it would somehow work out ( miracle)
And then to be told you have to wait another week, is just cruel! i really hope you have a good support network around you.
Hopefully it will all work out and you may not be have to have any medical/surgical help.
Please take care and l hope all works out for you. xx

ShimmeryPixie · 16/08/2011 17:55


so sorry to hear it's not working out for you. I had medical management. It went as follows (sorry if TMI at any stage):

Tuesday: Go to the hospital and take a tablet to start triggering everything
Tuesday afternoon/wednesday: Bleeding, a bit like a heavy period.
Thursday: Admitted to hospital for stage two, during which they put small tablets next to your cervix to make it open and you have to lie there for an hour. You can then move around (recommended, but I was unfortunate in that it was very painful for me and so I couldn't really move much) and have to stay in until most of the clots appear to have come out (about 6 hours for me).

After that it was rather like having a heavy period for the next week, but I did feel really really drained for the next week. I went back to work on the monday but should probably have taken a second week off.

cheesetoastie · 16/08/2011 19:28

Thanks Shimmerypixie. Sounds pretty awful. Hope you are feeling better now.

The registrar today was talking about surgical management once I've had the next scan in order to stop dragging this out further. In the meantime we are off on holiday - prepared for miscarriage at any time - but hopefully forgetting about it as much as possible til we are back.

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