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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Managing a miscarriage naturally

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MillontheFloss · 11/08/2011 16:11

Hello all

I had bleeding ten days ago resulting in a scan which confirmed that a miscarriage was in effect at ten weeks (growth stopped at 7 wks). A follow up scan a week later revealed that the sac was beginning to break up (tmi?) so I thought it would all be over soon.

I opted to miscarry naturally as my hospital didn't offer ERPC under local anesthetic or medical management.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the bleeding seems to have stalled (nothing since yesterday teatime) and I haven't had any really heavy bleeding or the intense pain I have been warned about.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know a natural miscarriage can take up to 5 week but I just feel in limbo!

Thanks in advance.

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frazer41 · 11/08/2011 19:08

Hi millionthefloss, So sorry for your loss. I suffered a natural miscarriage in June this year. I too had to wait for weeks until it passed on its own. I got scans weekly to see if the sac and placenta etc had all gone. The scan showed there was still tissue present and that was causing intese pain, like period pain only worse. I won't go into great detail but I remember going to the loo and thinking I had passed a bowel movement without knowing and realised it was the last of the tissue etc. My bleeding did stop and start and the hosp said they were concerned and if it did not come away on its own they would need to look at other options.

I started my first period on sunday, thats about 6 or 7 weeks and it's extremely heavy with clotts. I also suffered post natal depression and anxiety with my first child. It has been very manageable until my m/c and now back. I just want to let you know dont be like me and try and get over it asap. You will be emotianal, angry and sad and really not feel yourself even although you feel you are coping. After my period my sadness and anger have reduced.

I thought I was over it, as much as you can be and I burst into tears in the office two weeks ago as my boss dragged up my absence from work.

Take your time, be good to yourself and inform your partner you need tlc even although you may feel fine.

I wish you well in getting that lovely baby you long for. x

greengoose · 11/08/2011 20:13

Dont know if it helps, but I am MCing at moment, and was 6.3 weeks.... The scan showed that my womb lining was 17mm instead of the 4mm it would be for normal AF, so the MW said that should be about 4x the amount of bleeding. because the sac had broken up already she didnt think there would be 'lumps' although she warned that overnight or if resting blood and tissue could clot in my uterus and feel scary if I didnt know that it was just because I had been letting it clot in this way (IYSWIM). So far Ive been bleeding for a week, and not v. muck pain, and all in all very much like a heavy period. They said this is v. normal for early miscarriage. I have also had a MMC at about the same time, and ended up having a D+C, and they said I would bleed heavily after that and I didnt. I think that some do and some dont. It can also stop and start a bit. My MW told me to leave it for three weeks as long as I didnt feel ill, and that it should all be out by then, you can take a preg. test to check if it has gone yet, of get doc to do a blood test to check that hormone levels are ok again. Try not to worry too much, your body had a reason for this, and it knows what it is doing. (I doubted my body last time, and got quite depressed, then I thought about how actually this is for the best, as there must have been something v. wrong for it to go bad so soon). If all is equal, next time should be fine!

MillontheFloss · 11/08/2011 20:40

Thank you both for your replies.

It's good to know that what I'm experiencing is fairly standard. I guess the nurses prepare you for the worst in terms of the expected length of time, amount of blood and level of pain. I was warned about the clots collecting when lying down too. Haven't had much in the way of 'lumps' or 'matter' either but wondering if that's because it's an anembryonic pregnancy, i.e no embryo = less matter (christ, I seem to have adopted the detached medical terminology far to easily!)

Hope things get easier Fraser and glad you are feeling better about it all. Have been off work for a week so far myself and not overjoyed at the prospect of returning although time off means requesting too much advice from Dr Google which probably isn't helping! Glad I joined MN for real life, practical advice.

Just want everything out of my body so AF can return and can move on. Hope things also get back to normal for you soon Goose x

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MillontheFloss · 11/08/2011 20:41

too easily that is!

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