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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Disappointed in the help offered by my PCT

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InsomniaQueen · 16/07/2011 09:53

Just wanted to gauge with you ladies what the reaction has been in your area. I have now fallen pg after an mc and have found the reaction from the system in my area to be underwhelming to say the least.

Is this something everyone has experienced or is it just my area? Really feel put off having these people look after me and my child (hoping it gets that far) in some of the most important months of my life!!!

Has anyone had a really good experience that they could talk about? Need some reassurance that them being crap now won't mean them being crap later on!!!

OP posts:
milkyways · 16/07/2011 15:40

Was it your first miscarriage? Unfortunately the help offered to women who have only suffered one miscarriage is not very much. After my first, although the staff at the emergency gynae unit were very helpful and understanding, I was just left to carry on with the bleeding by myself, and I did feel underhelped. With my first pregnancy after my mc, although I felt something was wrong, no one offered me a reassurance scan and no help was offered to me - and just as I had thought, I miscarried that baby aswell.

It was after my third mc that I was offered help and reassurance scans and actually felt someone cared about me and my situation. I am currently pregnant again after my fourth mc, and the care I have received has been absolutely exceptional.

TBH, it really depends on what the standards are like in your hospital. I am lucky to be in an area where the maternity services are very good. I think generally women who have suffered a miscarriage may not be well looked after as a pregnant women, so I am sure you will be fine. Try to ask around people who have been looked after by your local maternity services and ask them how they would rate their care.

Oh and congratulations!

LunaticFringe · 16/07/2011 20:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Finallygotaroundtoit · 16/07/2011 20:29

In what way are you dissapointed Queen?

philbee · 16/07/2011 21:04

I've just had a mc and the nurse at the EPAU told me that they didn't offer reassurance scans, so I'd have to wait until 12 weeks if I got pg again. But that if something went wrong I could go to GP and get referred to EPAU. So basically exactly the same as if I hadn't had an mc. In some way the fact that it seems so common and is treated as such reassured me, and I have read lots of posts from people who've had early scans only to find out at 12 weeks that something's gone wrong in between, so I'm not sure how much help an early scan would be. What's the situation where you are?

InsomniaQueen · 16/07/2011 21:44

I suppose the reason I'm so disappointed is the fact that I had the mc abroad and so with insurance to pay for my care - everything was done to look after me and support me through what is a horrible experience. I can sceptically see that the more they did the more money they made but the staff there were sooooo good it made the whole process of being away and having such a crap thing happen so much easier to deal with.

I know hunts work can't always be done to help and in many situations it's too late for any action to be taken.....the thing that gets me is that the reaction of medical staff is sooo hit or miss. I have seen 3 Dr's since mc (one to hand over my notes, one for chest pain and one to discuss current pg) out of all of them only one has been even remotely kind about it.....speaking to the EPU was also rubbish as I was basically treated like an idiot for calling despite being instructed to do so by my health centre.

Despite knowing that it's early days and realistically knowing that there is a bloody long way to go before I get there - their poor behaviour has made me I'm worrying that the birth is going to be a terrible experience if I have to deal with these trolls!!!

OP posts:
Finallygotaroundtoit · 18/07/2011 11:29

Sorry you feel disappointed and have been treated unkindly Sad
Hope you have a straightforward and stress free (as possible) pg.

Catsycat · 18/07/2011 15:46

Hi InsomniaQueen. Sorry they've been so rubbish.

We have 3 hospitals all roughly 40-45 minutes drive from our house, in 3 different PCTs. I have tried out all three, and found two sadly wanting. The third hospital is fantastic - all the staff I have met have been lovely (and I've now been to several departments) and the atmosphere is very friendly; they also seem to believe their patients should be treated as individuals. Following my recent mc, I spoke to the EPAU nurse there and asked if I should have an early scan when I next get pregnant - she said to call her mobile number and she will book me in around 8 weeks if I would like the reassurance. This was my first mc, but I felt very well treated.

Is there any chance you can ask your GP to refer you to another hospital (if there is another one near enough to you). If this is really worrying you then it might be worth it - you are entitled to be treated wherever you like.

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