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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

6weeks since ERPC, still no sign of period or ovulation

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Missgiraffe1 · 26/06/2011 09:49

I had an ERPC for a MMC on Monday 16th May. Bled/spotted just a little afterwards, which had pretty much stopped by day 3.

Cycle previously was 27/28 days. Now 42 days on from ERPC and nothing. No sign of Ovulation either. It did take 4 weeks+4 days to get a BFN but I had hoped something would have happened by now.

Really want to get pg again soon. Have been doing tests every few days but still BFN.

Anyone else been in same boat? How long should I leave it before going to docs? Or, would I call the EPU?


OP posts:
banana87 · 26/06/2011 12:02

It's always taken me 6-8 weeks for AF to return. Hang in there, now you have a BFN it shouldn't be long. You also will not necessarily ovulate this cycle.

Beans1977 · 27/06/2011 12:08

Hi Missgiraffe1

Sorry to hear of your loss. I was in a similar position (30th April) and had to wait nearly 8 weeks until my AF arrived at the end of last week.

Like you I had been 27/28 days. I was going a bit crazy by then! Every day seemed incredibly long and I was very frustrated by the wait, as my DH and I were keen to start TTC as soon as we could.

I was told if it hadn't come back by 8 weeks to go to the doctors.

Hang in there x

Missgiraffe1 · 27/06/2011 13:20

Thank you so much for your replies. And sorry you have also been through the same thing. The days are dragging by. We just want to get back to TTC (well, I suppose we already are), but not knowing if my body's getting back to normal is putting a bit of a downer on it just now.

I'm normally very patient, but this is definitely testing my patience! After my ectopic, it took 10 very long weeks for my HcG to get to 0. Think I set a record at the EPU!


OP posts:
Mama5isalive · 01/07/2011 21:10

MG -
my experience was different as i didnt miscarriage - it was called a missed miscarriage -
monday 20th june went along to my 12 week scan to be told at 12.15 im sorry to tell you there is no heartbeat!!!!! what!
Had op on wed 22nd, and was bleeding till sat then it stopped!
Today as i went toilet i saw blood and now im feeling cramps and backache! has my period come after just 5 days!!!!!! Im so confused!

ras852 · 05/07/2011 09:04

Hi, thought I'd share my story with missgiraffe1.

I was diagnosed with a missed M at 10 weeks mid April following pink/brown discharge. I waited a while following re-scanning for a natural misc to happen but I couldn't bear the wait any longer and had an ERPC at 12 weeks. I had slight bleeding for a few days after but nothing much. Then exactly a week later had a day of heavy bleeding, clots and cramps. By the end of that week (i.e two weeks after ERPC) all bleeding had stopped. Started TTC again and on 3 June had pink/brown discharge and spotting for a few days. Did a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative and an OV test (also negative). Tomorrow it will be 8 weeks since ERPC and still no period. The wait seems endless.

I had two miscarriages before having my beautiful 1 year old boy. This last MM still hurts though and I didn't expect it to happen and my partner and I were so pleased to have gotten pregnant so quickly this time round. I so desperately want another baby and seem to be surrounded by pregnant women. Whilst I am so happy for them, I am wishing it was me too!

I so want my period to get back to normal so we can start trying again! Anyone else wait a few months for their period and then have a success story?

PieMistress · 05/07/2011 10:02

Hi missgiraffe

I had a very long drawn out 'natural' m/c at 7 weeks and only just got what I think is AF (it's very light) now 8 weeks later. I didn't get a BFN until 5.5 weeks. I think I ovulated inbetween (+ OPK, temp rise, EWCM).

I posted another thread earlier about the first AF following m/c and what people's experiences have been as mine is very light, 'scanty' even is how I would describe it.

It's been the longest 2 months of my life and I feel like half the year has gone in TTC limbo as we started TTC in Jan, conceived in March, m/c in May and finally think my AF starting in July. The year has gone by in a flash :(

Hope AF comes soon for you, am so sorry to hear of your loss - the whole thing really really sucks x

Missgiraffe1 · 05/07/2011 13:46

I've just posted on your post Pie before seeing this. You are so right, it does suck. Hopefully our bodies will right themselves soon. Weeks feel like months though, when you're in this limbo Sad

Mama5salive. So sorry to hear that. I had a previous ectopic so had the early scan fear of seeing nothing at 6.5 weeks, and them saying "maybe you're earlier than you think?" so in a way, I was prepared for it to go wrong. Your bleeding might not be a real period, but still bleeding related to post-op. I'm on the just MC and ready to TTC thread and this irregular bleeding has happened to a few of the women on there. It's so annoying not knowing what's the heck's going on! Hope it settles down soon.

Ras852, so sorry to hear of your MC too. This wait is killing me. I go to France tomorrow for a week. Because we have been DTD, and I've still had no AF, I'll need to go easy on the wine just incase (and will no doubt spend another small fortune on tests!). It's so unfair. Am so jealous of those who have a period exactly 4 weeks later and seem to settle right back in their cycle with no bother Envy

I thought I might have felt the wee pinch that I believe is Ov a few days ago, but not sure. I've never charted or anything, and don't particularly want to yet either.

Bugger it, Just got to keep testing and waiting and shagging Grin and waiting and testing, and examining CM between fingers (gross), and holding loo roll up to light to see if that is a pink tinge in the paper ..... basically turn into a mad woman!

Fingers crossed we all get our BFPs and Spring 2012 babies-in-training very soon! Smile x

OP posts:
ras852 · 06/07/2011 08:42

any sign of your period yet Missgiraffe ?

Mama5isalive · 06/07/2011 11:14

Oh MissG - yeh total nightmare this waiting game, im not sure if im ready to ttc for i didnt before it just happened i dont want o be obsessed as i did in 2006 when i had a ectopic also, i couldnt get over the need to have another child so badly i had to let go for i became consumed and it didnt help myself or my hubby! so imagine how i felt to get pregnant in ermmm 2009 and have my son! can i really wait that long for another try! but then i dont want to push my luck if you understand!

how are we all feeling today - i finally contact midwife to talk my feelings just awaiting a appointment! anyone dealt with croydon( mayday Hospital) ???

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