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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Pregnant after 2 Miscarriages - So Scared

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MrsSteph · 22/06/2011 16:41


I had my 1st MC in January, then fell pregnant after my 1 period sadly I had another MC in April but have been very lucky & I am pregnant again! I want this baby so much & I am so frighten - anyone got advice or postitve stories.x

OP posts:
Browncoats · 23/06/2011 14:52

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I knowit's a difficult time and you'll be stressed. I have one perfectly healthy DS but I've had 2 MCs too.

Just keep repeating to yourself that's it's a different pregnancy and ask for a lot of scans to keep yourself sane!

I've read loads of stories on these boards about women who go on to have successful pregnancies after 2 MCs so you're not alone.

Congratulations again and keep us posted

neolara · 23/06/2011 15:01

One day at a time. In fact, sometimes 5 mins at a time. Even with 2 mc, the chances of it going right are still much higher than it going wrong. If I were you I would also consider getting a scan at 8 weeks - heartbeat at 8 weeks is associated with a 97% chance of things being OK.

Good luck.

ilovedora27 · 23/06/2011 15:05

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, then had my dd, then had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I think its just unluckiness sometimes and doesnt always mean there is something wrong. They are really common.

VJay · 23/06/2011 17:52

Hi mrsteph I had two miscarriages then had a threatened miscarriage but he clung on and is now jumping on my bed Smile. it was very difficult not to stress and I worried all the time but I found chatting on here to ladies that have been through it helped. I wish you a stressfree pregnancy.

MrsSteph · 24/06/2011 14:39

Thanks everyone! I need to keep reminding myself that the odds are higher for it being suscessfull than not, I am thinking the other way around!! Having a scan at 8.5 wks (told the EPU before my husband lol) which is 2 weeks on Wednesday. Trying to take it 1 day at a time but for today I am pregnant!!xx

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harrietlichman · 26/06/2011 21:04

congratulations MrsSteph - I have had two mc's and am hoping to try again as soon as possible (EPU tomorrow to check for 'retained products') I am so hopeful when I hear stories like yours - wishing you all the best xxx

faintpositive · 27/06/2011 15:05

one day at a time....OR one visit to the loo at a time xx

chin up and keep positive, i'll do it with you hun x

MrsSteph · 27/06/2011 21:17

Thanks for all your messages/advice heres hoping it was just bad luck, as of today I am still pregnant 2 weeks 2 days till my scan!

Good luck harrietlichman!

& thanks for your surport faintpositive....xx

OP posts:
kbj2011 · 12/07/2011 23:42

I am considering trying again after 2 miscarriages earlier in the year. Both miscarriages were close together, now that I have gave my body a break for a few months hoping the next time will be successful. I already have 2 ds's & had no problems during both pregnancies and I just hope I had a blip and everything will go okay next time.

Cheria · 13/07/2011 14:50


Last year I had a mc at 13w in January, and a second at 6w in May. Conceived in June and gave birth to a healthy, vibrant little girl in March this year.

At every twinge throughout the first trimester I panicked and was on the phone to my OB GYN (yeah he got pretty sick of me) and he ended up giving me a scan at 9weeks, another at 12 weeks and then on another every four weeks, to keep me quiet more than anything.

Once you're past the first trimester it will get easier but I don't think I ever completely relaxed about the pregnancy and was stunned to be presented with a healthy girl at the end of it (even though I had been reassured throughout that everything was going to plan!)

Good luck and let us know how your scan goes in a couple of weeks.

tryitandsee · 15/07/2011 13:56

Hi. I had 3 miscarriages at 7 weeks and 9 weeks and 12 weeks and a cot death at 5 months. . With the 3 miscarriages i had seen a heart beat and then literally the next day i started feeling shivery and tired and started spotting. I fell pregnant again a couple of months after my last miscarriage and so far i have reached 16 weeks. I am a bundle of absolute nerves and paranoia. I have bought a fetal Doppler and i listen to the heart beat everyday for reassurance. So i know how nervous you must feel. We are not telling family or friends till after the 20 weeks scan .

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