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MC recently and just need to talk.

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MrsC1977 · 16/06/2011 19:14

Hi, firstly I'd like to say that anyone who has recently MC, I'm so sorry and I know how heartbreaking it is. I MC on 15 march 11, was roughly 9+2. My hormones have been pretty awful for weeks now and the bleeding is pretty much stop/start, I've no idea what's happening with my cycles as I do want to try again. I just didn't realise how long it took for things to return to normal. Anyhow, I went to gynae today, n the doc said I'm probably low on estrogen and that's what's making me feel hormonal. I did ask to be put back on metformin (I have pcos) he said to leave things to settle, and he'll see me again in sept to possibly restart the metformin, that's if I'm not pregnant again from now till sept. I just feel empty inside, he went through my notes and showed me the pictures from the transvaginal scan which showed the pregnancy sac. I think coz I'm that hormonal it did affect me

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InsomniaQueen · 16/06/2011 22:46

MrsC1977 - firstly i am so sorry to hear your news. I had an MC on the first day of a long awaited holiday. Was 5 weeks on that day and feel really sad being at home and seeing my pregnacare tablets and baby book which I ordered before I left. I was fully poked and prodded by the medical staff out there but still need to see my own Dr - luckily I have an appointment tomorrow to make sure it was all fine. I was sat in one of those stupid gowns, with my bum hanging out, my legs in stirrups and my downstairs on show but I didn't care about any of that!!!

As he was moving that horrible internal scan around inside me.....I have everything crossed and still thought I would see a little sac appears on the screen. The Dr confirmed that there was nothing and the nurse gently put my legs down and squeezed my knee. I was almost sick from the the fact I couldn't get enough air in.......I just totally broke down and had to pretty much be carried by my hubby to get myself sorted out.

I am a worrier by nature and hadn't really gotten excited about things and so thought I was fully prepared if things didn't work out.......I couldn't have been more wrong and now I just want to hide out at home whereon one will be able to speak to me and just shut myself off from it all.

Sending you my best wishes and deepest sympathies during a time where it feels like no one else on the planet could understand how much of a hole you feel like your carrying around!!!


eve34 · 18/06/2011 00:22

Hope you ladies are feeling a bit better today. we had MMC nearly 2 weeks ago, and had ERPC a week ago. Feel so sad. There are no words.

It is common, my sister gave birth at 24 weeks and her daughter didn't survive, another sister has had IVF x 4 and has now a beautiful daughter she adopted.

I have my DS and count my lucky stars but just can't shake the sad feeling, I just want it to pass now.

I thought I would handle this a lot better than I am. Guessing I should get back to work and get on.

InsomniaQueen · 19/06/2011 11:19

Eve I know how you tell yourself "I was only a little bit pregnant" but really I'd started picking nursery furniture, deciding when I would stop working, looking at clothes online......having waited for that pink line it was just too hard not to start planning my life as a mother!!!

It is bloody hard and very horrible and the more people that come out of the woodwork and declare "I'm pregnant" makes you want to scream!!!! Im starting to get there emotionally (no tears this morning, no cursing my empty belly) but I am going to give myself time.....i didn't really think I would need it but this is a real blow to me and I need to sort myself out rather than brushing it under a rug.

I hope that you start to feel a bit better soon and hope that you can find something to hold on to while you put your life right side up again.

Sending you hugs and sympathy.


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