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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Medical management od missed miscarriage

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tummytickler · 09/06/2011 19:43

Any experience?
I found out today that my baby had no heartbeat. I have been bleeding lightly for 2 weeks, and had a scan a week ago with heartbeat, and pool of blood.
Today I was re scanned and it showed no heartbeat in the foetus, and still a pool of blood.
I opted for medical management, and took a pill in the clinic this afternoon and need to take a tablet on Saturday - this will induce miscarriage proper.
I am already bleeding quite heavily, and I am feeling uncomfortable, and now I am scared that it is going to be agony and should have opted for removal under GA.
Have I made the wrong decision?
Any experience of this - how did it work out for you?

OP posts:
milkyways · 09/06/2011 20:38

Hi tummytickler - i'm sorry for your loss. I opted for medical management with my fourth mc as I didn't want to go under GA again. I actually stayed in hospital all day until I passed the sac. The nurse gave me a pain relief suppository which I inserted along with the other pills. I was also given an anti-sickness tablet and ibuprofen and paracetemol at the start. With this pain relief I did not feel any pain at all - only a really heavy feeling in my stomach. I am glad I took the mm approach rather than an erpc. I recovered from the mm very quickly and there were no needles involved.

I would really recommend phoning up the hospital ward that gave you the second set of pills and asking for the pain relief suppository and anti sickness tablet as the pessaries can cause sickness.

In saying the above, some women pass everything before the second day. Take ibuprofen and paracetemol and see how things go.

I don't think there is any right or wrong decision when it comes to something like this. We do whatever we feel is right at the time, but through experience I feel that that the erpc was too invasive and I felt more in control with the mm.

I hope you are okay and that everything goes smoothly for you.

tummytickler · 11/06/2011 12:30

Thanks milkyways
Really helpful to hear of your experience, it makes me slightly less terrified. I have to take the misoprostol this afternoon at 2 and I am really scared. I have already passed some massive lumps, so hoping it is well underway, but they said I must take the misoprostol regardless of how I am doing without it. So I am a bit worried.
How heavy was your bleeding, and when did it start no become more normal - like a period?

OP posts:
milkyways · 11/06/2011 17:09

Hi, I hope things are going smoothly. I would still take the batch of pills as it will ensure that all products are expelled. In regards to bleeding I had very very light bleeding once I'd passed the sac. The nurse told me this was because the uterus contracts back up once everything is passed. I didn't bleed heavily afterwards, however there are women who do bleed heavily as everyone is different.

Hope you're ok and that your dh/oh is taking good care of you. It's a

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