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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Having what can only be a miscarriage at 6 weeks. What to do?

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belindarose · 06/06/2011 08:36

6 weeks 2 days. Started with light pink bleeding on Friday which became red and heavier saturday and sunday. Some small clots, nothing bigger than a little finger nail. Been miles from home with the in laws all weekend, celebrating niece's first birthday, so just had to deal with it.
Home now. Am I supposed to speak to GP? I've had no pain at all, but can't imagine that this blood loss over several days can be anything positive! Very busy toddler and no child care today, so hoping it doesn't get worse.
Thanks for any advice.

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supadupapupascupa · 06/06/2011 08:46

ring your GP, definitely.

I might be nothing you know, Fingers crossed for you.

If there is an EPU near you, your GP should refer you

belindarose · 06/06/2011 09:21

Spoke to GP. He said it sounded like I was right and to go to hospital if severe pain or really heavy bleeding. Booked me in to gynae clinic at the surgery Wednesday morning. Thanks.

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supadupapupascupa · 06/06/2011 22:03

aw love..... i hope you are ok.....

DizzyKipper · 07/06/2011 07:23

I'm sorry to hear that, having a MC is bad enough but when you have to be around others and carry on as if everything is ok when really it isn't, that must've been really hard.

jaffababy · 07/06/2011 13:23

Very sorry to hear of the suspected MC. If it is a MC, it's a good idea to get checked out in case it doesn't all exit on its own. You'll need a scan to confirm it all goes properly, but I'm sure the gynae clinic will help with all that. Rest and look after yourself if you can.

Coldcuppacoffee · 07/06/2011 13:26

I don't really have much to add except that i am sorry and I can't read these things and no show support. Sounds like you're being really brave.

Scholes34 · 07/06/2011 13:45

Not at all pleasant, but be reassured it's no doubt your body's way of dealing with something that wasn't quite right. MCs happen more often than people realise. I was checking out the delivery suite of the local hospital within a year of a MC. Think nice, positive things on this lovely sunny day!

belindarose · 13/06/2011 11:23

Just had my second blood test today to check HCG levels are dropping properly. I thought I was fine and had coped with it all okay, but was told I couldn't get results till tomorrow (GP had said it would be today). Now I'm an absolute wreck! Seems I was holding on to the thought it'd all be over by today (while secretly hoping I'd imagined it all of course).

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