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babytantrums · 28/05/2011 17:09

I wanted to share my miscarriage story with you as this board has been such a help to me, but my miscarriage was quite different from anything I've read here and I was so scared and unprepared because of this.

I found out that I had an mmc just before my 12 week scan. Four days later, I phoned in for a Medical Management. That night at about 11pm, I started to have very light cramps and about half an hour later, I felt a gush and started to bleed. I was on the toilet for 2 hours with very heavy bleeding and some huge clots. At 1am, I was able to leave the toilet, but was dashing back regularly as the pads just weren't able to cope with the large clots. At 3am, I decided the bleeding had abated enough to go to bed. I got up and immediately felt sick and dizzy and I felt more clots. After bumping off lots of furniture, I made it to the toilet, where I seem to have passed out. I woke up slumped back over the toilet cistern with a buzzing in my ears and I was sweating, but cold and clammy, and still feeling that I was going to vomit. I managed to get off the toilet, but collapsed on the floor on all fours, where I stayed until I felt a bit better. I tried to call my husband, but I couldn't speak and part of me was scared to wake my dc.

I made in into the hall, I remember blacking out after bouncing off the walls and the furniture and my husband found me slumped against the wall. He managed to get me into the bedroom, where I came to and couldn't understand how I'd got there. He tried to move me, but I just kept saying to him, no, I need to lie down. He wanted to call the hospital, but I just kept saying I was fine and I just wanted to sleep. I was freezing at this point, but the nausea had gone and the dizziness was more or less under control. I got into bed, my husband asking me if I was sure I was okay. I mumbled that I needed to sleep.

At 6am I woke up from an extremely restless sleep, freezing and clammy feeling sick again and feeling more blood pouring from me. I tried to get up and passed out again, falling into the bathroom after bouncing my shoulder and knee off the walls. I missed banging my head on the toilet by inches. My husband tried to move me, but I insisted on lying on the bathroom floor for a few minutes. At this point, he wouldn't take no for an answer and tried to phone the hospital, but as they'd kept my notes when it was found I'd miscarried, we didn't have the number to hand, so he phoned NHS 24, who, after asking me lots of questions, insisted on sending an ambulance as they thought I was suffering from shock.

It turned out that I was suffering from the first signs of shock, had lost too much blood too quickly and had a number of clots stuck in my cervix, which they cleared out with forceps. I was on a drip and oxygen, my blood pressure was low and I couldn't warm up, but I had miscarried all but a 2 cm piece of tissue. The hospital kept telling me that I should have called them earlier. My point is, I didn't know whether this was normal or not - I didn't have any pain whatsoever - I didn't know how much blood it was normal to lose and I didn't know whether passing out and sickness was normal. It isn't, so please, please if you suffer any of these symptoms call the hospital. I missed having a transfusion by the skin of my teeth and I'm physically as weak as a kitten at the moment. But it's finally over and I can start to deal with it mentally now.....

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whatsoever · 28/05/2011 17:20

babytantrums so sorry for your loss and your terrible experience. The more I hear, the more relieved I am that I chose surgical management on Tuesday. This was exactly the sort of thing I was scared of.

I hope you are starting to recover now.

PieMistress · 28/05/2011 18:17

babytantrums I am so sorry to hear of your loss and your experience sounds very frightening!. I hope you are in bed now recovering with lots of TLC. For me I am finding it very hard to deal with mentally (feel like the world is a sad, sad place at the moment) and mine was no where near as bad as yours physically (but it was at 7 weeks).

Take Care xx

babytantrums · 28/05/2011 19:13

thanks for your kind words. I should have said that the miscarriage started naturally the night that I made the appointment to have a Medically Managed procedure - I was due to go in to have the first pill tomorrow. I think my body just decided it was finally time to let go.

I'm so sorry for your losses too - it's a very hard thing to deal with, isn't it?x

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BlueCrane · 28/05/2011 19:52

babyt I am currently waiting for it all to start naturally after MMC confirmed at my 12mk scan on Thursday. I shall definitely by phoning the hospital at any point that I feel faint, sick etc as there's no way that I want to go though what you had to endure. Rest well.

pecka33 · 28/05/2011 20:43

Hi babytantrums, just wanted to add, what happened to you happened to me too, but I decided to stay at home and endure the experience which wasn't good. When I told my miswife at my checkup the next day she said I was stupid and I should of gone straight to a&e, I think the thing is we are so unprepared for what can actually happen that you almost convince yourself its all normal, and its not!
So sorry for your loss and yove had to go through such a terrible experience.
Take care and get plenty of rest and tlc from your other half\family x

pecka33 · 28/05/2011 20:49

Bluecrane, so sorry for your loss too, I recommend getting a hot water bottle and the strongest co~codimol yocan get, everyones experiences are different so don't worry too much, my experience wasn't pleasent but I wouldn't change it, its what I chose at the time and it was all strangly carthatic looking back at it now, I'm not 9 months on from my mmc at 13 weeks, it does get easier with time. Take care both of you. X

BlueCrane · 28/05/2011 21:31

Hmm feel as though I have a stabbing pain in my left hand side...wondering whether this could be the start of something? I seemed to have (sorry TMI) more discharge/mucus last few days but still clear, no pink or brown? Would really like my body to just get on with this so that I can move on! Anyone else remember how it all started...bleeding or cramps first?

PieMistress · 28/05/2011 21:54

blue, mine started with bleeding first - well just pink mucus when I wiped which slowly turned redder over a couple of days. The cramping and backache started a couple of days later but the bleeding still stayed quite light (but varied in colour from pink-red-brown). It wasn't until i'd had an internal scan that the bleeding then became much heavier I then passed the 'sac' a few hours after xx

LaTourEiffel · 28/05/2011 22:12

So sorry for your experience, glad you wrote about it though.

I had a mc at 11.5 weeks about 2 yrs ago, and yours is the first time I've read anything remotely similar to mine - only yours sounds shockingly worse.

I too called nhs direct, and they insisted on me either waking dh or sending an ambulance. My problem wasn't copious bleeding it was the pain - it was like being in labour.

It turned out that some 'products of conception' Sad were stuck in the neck of my cervix, and my body was trying and trying to shift them, but couldn't. A good couple of shots of morphine sorted me out until it can be removed with forceps.

Floating away in a morphine cloud was the kindest part of the whole thing, mental detachment was wonderful. Unfortunately, you can't take it home with you.

Everyone thinks I was such a drama queen for going to a&e, but I know I had no choice.

Thank you for sharing your story, and sorry you had to experience it.

LaTourEiffel · 28/05/2011 22:19

blue, I honestly can't remember how mine started, although it was a good day and half or so from beginning to end. Take care of yourself, drink plenty of fluids - not alcohol as your body needs to be well hydrated to replenish the blood you will lose.

I sincerely hope the next few days pass as smoothly as can be expected.

babytantrums · 28/05/2011 22:30


You definitely weren't a drama queen for going to A&E!

I have never felt so bad in all my life. To call what I felt 'nausea' is understating it. I remember sitting on the toilet listening to hear where the roaring noise was coming from and realising it was in my head. I can honestly say it was the scariest thing I have ever been through. I couldn't walk for passing out and I couldn't warm up. I think because I didn't have any pain, I didn't think it was appropriate to call the hospital until my husband insisted. Bless him, I've never seen him so scared. If we (you and me) hadn't gone to A & E, I dread to think what the outcome might have been.

I think because of what I've been through physically, I haven't even begun to deal with it mentally yet. I feel as if it happened to someone else at the moment.

Bluecrane, I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I've had spotting throughout my pregnancy, but the miscarriage itself started with small cramps, then a woosh of blood. I hope it (physically) isn't too arduous. I'm thinking of you. Please stay wellx

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BlueCrane · 29/05/2011 11:44

Well...feeling quite fed up this morning and trying not to get too cross with my body as there's still no sign of anything coming out and I just want to get on with it! I hate that I feel i shouldn't go out too much or go too far from home in case it suddenly starts...all such a mess...I wouldn't wish any of this on anyone. It's some kind of weird mental battle at the moment with a countdown timer that I can't see and don't know when the alarm will sound if that makes sense! If no progress by Tues I'm going to call the hospital and find out what the wait is for an erpc in case my body doesn't get it's act together!

babytantrums · 29/05/2011 15:09

Routing for you, Bluecrane. I know what you mean about the countdown timer -that's why i decided to do it medically- at least I was in control of the when - until my body decided otherwise. maybe now that you've mentally made that decision, things will start moving. I'll keep my fingers crossed

(hmm, things you never thought you'd say....)

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