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Hi - 2nd MMC and I dont know what I am looking for...

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georgiepie · 22/05/2011 20:26


Last week I found out I had my 2nd MMC in 8 months. I have actually had 4 MC's in total over 2 years. I had an ERPC again on Friday and it went as well as it could do.

I/We arefit and healthy. I have had fertility testing and there is nothing bad to report. I just dont understand....Is it my age? I think it is. DH and I have decided to stop trying and look into adoption. However, a tiny part of me still wants to believe it can happen.

Is or has anyone my age experienced this many MC's and had a sucessful pregnancy? I am realistic but really dont know what to do next.

I must add I already have 1 beautiful DD age 3.5 who I had no problems with. I long for her to have a little brother or sister.

Feel in denial, low and sad xxx

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georgiepie · 22/05/2011 21:18

Sorry I forgot to tell you my age, 42. X

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babylanguagelearner · 23/05/2011 01:33

Hi Georgie have no relevant info for you but couldn't leave you unanswered. Just wanted to say I am sorry and I hope things work out for you, one way or another.

Coconutfeet · 23/05/2011 11:20

Georgie, sorry to hear about your loss.

I haven't got any good news for you I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say that I understand how you feel. I'm 43 and have had 4 mcs in total, with a ds after the first mc. I'm undergoing testing at the moment. I'm still living in hope that it can happen naturally but, as time goes on, I'm wondering whether I'm deluding myself and asking myself whether we should just stop. I can't quite bring myself to do that just yet but I'm wondering how much more I should put myself through.

You still sound a bit undecided about whether you really want to stop trying. I hope you can find some peace with whatever decision you make.

randomimposter · 23/05/2011 15:46

HI georgie and coconut

Just waving really, as am in similar boat. 43, one DS, 3 on Wednesday, had 3 MMCs and 1 CP since TTC#2, starting in June 2009. With the 3 MMCs (and in fact DS) got pg very quickly.

Took 7 cycles to get a (faint) BFP again, but MC just before 5 weeks. Had all the tests and nothing's wrong. Just one of those things.

Think I will give it another 12 months. And then accept DS will be an only :(

It sucks.

georgiepie · 24/05/2011 13:27

It does suck!

I think the hardest thing is realising that you are maybe too old. I dont consider myself old or look old but the realistically my body is 42 years of age and that seems to be the reason for the MC's.

I think we may look into adoption as an alternative. have so much to give another child it seems sad to only have the 1 DD.

Thank you for all your kind words xx

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freelancegirl · 24/05/2011 13:56

Hi Georgie, are you not having any testing for recurrent miscarriage? You have had enough to qualify. If you go to the Recurrent thread you will find a lot more info but a lot of people see either Lesley Regan at St Mary's in London or Mr Shehata at his private or NHS clinics in London and Surrey. He tests for Natural Killer Cells and has an 85% success rate with treatment. I would be surprised if after that number of miscarriages there wasn't a reason. This is the link to Mr Shehata's clinic. I am undergoing testing and hopefully soon treatment there myself:

georgiepie · 25/05/2011 16:42

freelancegirl thanks for that. I had instantly dismissed investigation as we had investigations before we did fertility treatment last year. However, maybe that was to see i could get pregnant, which i can naturally now. Maybe it is worthwhile to see why if they can is causing the MC's.

Should I go through my doctor or do you have to go private?

Thanks x

OP posts:
freelancegirl · 25/05/2011 17:19

You should be able to get a referral through your GP however the wait, for Mr Shehata at least (he's a Mr not a 'Dr', but of course he is a doctor...does Mr mean Consultant...?) a few months. I was on the waiting list and then chose to just go private as I didn't want to waste any time.

The tests you were having in relation to fertility might be quite different to test because of recurrent miscarriage. Worth a try I think.

Good luck! And let me know how it goes.

Coconutfeet · 25/05/2011 20:21

Georgiepie - Your GP should be able to refer you to St Marys if you think that would be helpful to you. I don't know how close you are to 43, but if you are going to go down that route then I would do it sooner rather than later as their cut off is 42. I found out I was too old when my GP tried to refer me recently.

Freelancegirl - I'm thinking of going privately to Mr Shehata if all my RMC tests come back normal. Would you recommend him?

freelancegirl · 26/05/2011 00:10

Hi coconut. I would indeed recommend him but only from what I have read about him online and from other people. I have only had a first consultation with him so still waiting test results. However the clinic has an 85% success rate which I think is pretty damn good. I will update when I have found out more, seeing him again to discuss results and treatment on 13th June. I was on the NHS waiting list but chose to go privately in the end as it was going to take too long.

Cadmum · 26/05/2011 08:49

I am sorry for your losses. It is understandable that you are feeling low and sad.

While your age may be a factor, there are many reasons for mmc. I had my first at 30 and have now had a total of 5... I have had healthy pregnancies smattered through with the mmcs so all is not lost.

[ds1, dd1, mmc (18weeks), ds2, mmc (13weeks) mmc (twins 16weeks) dd2, mmc (21weeks), mmc (12weeks)]

I think that both trying again and adoption seem like reasonable decisions (but then I would, wouldn't I?).

georgiepie · 26/05/2011 16:51

Thanks again - it does give me hope xx

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Coconutfeet · 28/05/2011 10:31

Thanks Freelancegirl. Good luck with your appointment on the 13th.

How are you feeling today Georgiepie?

georgiepie · 29/05/2011 07:38


I feel bit better, guess my head is trying to sort itself out!

i left 2 messages for Mr Shehata sec so I can book an apt but nobody has called me back yet.

Coconut - how are you, what are your plans? Im 43 in January so 6 months. I looked into adoption but they want my DD to be 5 before we can apply. That will not work for us as I dont want to be nearly 47 before we have another.

Were going to keep trying naturally for another 6 months. Going to see GP soon as I wonder if i should go back on my metformin or asprin 75mg before we try.


OP posts:
thriceaaka · 29/05/2011 20:51

Good luck, Georgie. i hope it goes well for you. I had dc3 when I was six weeks short of 45. There was a gap of 18 yrs between dc2 and 3 and three miscarriages. xx

nearlytherenow · 29/05/2011 21:01

Good luck Georgie, I'm really sorry for your losses. I had 3 miscarriages in fairly quick succession between DS1 and DS2. All tests came back fine. The only thing I did differently after the 3rd miscarriage was to try acupuncture, and I honestly believe that this helped - fairly quickly I started having regular-ish cycles, which I hadn't had since pre-DS1. Lesley Regan's book is also very informative.

hairylights · 30/05/2011 18:59

Hi Georgie yes, I'm forty two
And had mmcs in June, November and february. I'm now seven weeks pregnant again. All tests have come up clear and I'm told it's most likely poor egg quality due to my age.

hairylights · 30/05/2011 19:16

I'm forty three actually!

Coconutfeet · 30/05/2011 20:04

Grin @ the wishful thinking Hairylights. I remember you from other threads. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Brilliant news. Have had a scan yet?

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