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help so confused after miscarriage (sorry this is a long post)

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Vonnie83 · 21/05/2011 12:07

i found out i was pregnant on the 29th of April after my 1st cycle of IVF on the 2nd of May i started to have some brown discharge and pain and went to my local NHS24 who told me it was more than likely a miscarriage and my clinic brought me in for bloods on the 3rd and told that it wasnt a miscarriage as my levels had quadrupled in the 4 days since my confirmation test but they repeated the tests on the 4th as the bleeding had got heavier and confirmed miscarriage as they had dropped from 481 on the tuesday to 230 on the thursday so the continued to take blood on the saturday the 6th & monday the 8th and on the 8th told me i was still pregnant as my levels had jumped back up from 230 on the 4th to 1051 on the 8th so the clinic scheduled a vaginal scan on the 9th which went well and they told me they suspected twins and that i had lost 1 and 1 was surviving i was scheduled in for another scan on the 17th to check for growth and the scan again went well & i was told that the baby had doubled in size and everything look good and that they were happy to leave until my original planned scan date on the 26th of May & I was so overjoyed that my baby was doing well, unfortunately 2 hours after the scan i started to bleed very heavily for a couple of hours then it stopped and turned into the brown discharge and my clinic arranged a scan on for yesterday friday the 20th where i was told i had lost the baby i had had a complete miscarriage and my womb was empty and they suspected that the clot i passed on tuesday about 4 hours after the scan was the baby, i fully understand that its one of these things that happen to many woman that has no rhyme or reason to it, its not the fact that iv miscarried thats got me so confused, what i dont understand is that at 12pm i was told my baby was fine and healthy and 2 hours later it be gone i dont understand how no problems showed on the scan or has the hospital done something during the scan to coz miscarriage so fast. im so confused i dont know how to process this as i do have so many questions and feel like iv no where to turn as the hospital said just to get in touch when i feel ready to go onto my 2nd cycle i dont feel i have their support to get the answers i need as to why nothing showed on the scan, has anyone had a similar experience?

OP posts:
munkiii · 21/05/2011 19:14

I have not had experience of IVF, and may I say firstly how sorry I am for your loss.

But I did have a miscarriage which happened after the internal scan, there was brown blood before the scan which I was told was old blood and they did the HCG levels and so on and was told that things were not bleak but afterwards there was fresh blood and I had a complete miscarriage.

Please understand that the scan will NOT have caused this.

Thinking of you.

Vonnie83 · 21/05/2011 19:43

Hi Munkiii

Thank you for your kind words and I am also very sorry for you loss.

i just cant understand how how there was no evidence of any blood lying or of my cervix being open 2 short hours before it happened especially after they were able to tell me that my cervix was now closed yesterday.

these things are sent to trial us and can only make us stronger.

thank you for responding you have giving me great comfort


OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 21/05/2011 19:48

i'm so sorry for you Vonnie :(

i don't think they can necessarily spot any particular cause when they do the scan to be honest. sometimes these things just happen and there may have been nothing on the scan to indicate that you were about to miscarry.

i agree with munkii that there is no reason to think the scan would have caused this either.

also, this early on I am not sure the cervix would really change that much either

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