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miscarriage- moving on

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cleur · 19/05/2011 01:42

i had a miscarriage a couple of years ago and yes i know i should have moved on by now but some of us know it isn't that easy, the 1st part was like normal, exactly as you sadly hear but a couple of days later simlar happened with the pain and bleedind and the loss but this time not in a sack and can someone tell me why that might be just to help me move on. i expect it was a 2nd baby but non of my research has given me any kind of answer x

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coansha · 19/05/2011 10:20

I'm very sorry for your loss, its an extremely hard thing to move on from, I also had a miscarriage and it effects each of us differently. It does indeed sound like you may have been carrying twins but alas as you have know without the scans etc you will never truly know. Have you had any counselling to help you with this? I went on to have to healthy babies soon after so am wondering if you went on to have a baby? Sorry not trying to pry just wondering if you did or did it effect your relationship and you are looking for answers?? I think some counselling would help you enormously or even a chat with a female GP. Miscarriage is sadly more common than many realise and most times is un explained so is not talked about a great deal. I hope you make an appt and find some peace with it all x

cleur · 19/05/2011 18:15

thanks for your response, i had another miscarriage then a lovely little girl, i think it's just the not knowing about the twin bit that has kept it in my mind for so long. your comment has helped lots. :-) xx

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coansha · 19/05/2011 23:57

Thats wonderful that you have had a little girl, I have 2 ( not so little at 10 & 13) but I do wonder soemtimes what if, its natural. Nothing can ever change it but I then think without it happening I wouldnt have the DD's I have now, so that makes them extra special. xxx

cleur · 20/05/2011 21:01

you're so right, i think all the bad things in life are meant to be just to get something amazing, i know that's definitly the case with my little lila! glad all's turned out well for you too. x

OP posts:
coansha · 20/05/2011 23:55

mine was lola!!

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