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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

advice please? two miscarriages and now no periods, what should i be asking?

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laylasmummy09 · 17/05/2011 08:52

sorry if TMI i went to see my doctor about missing a period and negative pregnancy tests wich was very unusual for me and he just said come back when you have missed 3 so im off up there today, i also asked what tests would i be offered if i have another miscarriage and he said as i already have one dd theres no tests as i have proved i can do it, surely there must be something, please help, i feel as though im being brushed under the carpet and i want another baby more than anything in the world tia xxx

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sotough · 17/05/2011 08:53

how old are you?

laylasmummy09 · 17/05/2011 09:06

im 23

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sotough · 17/05/2011 09:17

ah, you're very young, which is probably why the doctor isn't keen on running tests. they often don't turn up anything anyway and he is probably thinking that in your case it's just a run of bad luck. after three miscarriages in a row, you are entitled to push for tests, but if i understand you correctly you've only had two so far? if you're pushy he might authorise some tests for things like PCOS (polycystic ovaries) right now, or for other reasons you are not having periods. (i'm not a doctor but there are other causes for not having periods, which they can test for. they might want to do some blood tests just to see if you're ovulating.) If your other miscarriages were very recent, it's quite normal to have a bit of disruption to your cycles until your body adjusts.

ChoChoSan · 17/05/2011 09:19

hello Laylasmummy.

Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I hope you're coping okay, it's so sad.

The usual form is that you may be sent for investigation after having 3 miscarriages. The fact the you have had a successful pregnancy in the past is fact you could argue to the doctor that your miscarriages might have come about due to damage to your womb or cervix during childbirth.

I'm no expert, but you might benefit from a hysteroscopy or some kind of visual investigation to inspect you for structural damage of your womb first off.

As for your missed periods...perhaps it's worth doing some online research to see if maybe they can be brought about by an incomplete miscarriage or something like that...just guessing here. When was your second miscarriage, and when did you last test?

ChoChoSan · 17/05/2011 09:21

I would agree with sotough that your doctor might be reluctant to do tests due to your age, and his budget! It might be the gp thinks even if it takes a long time, the odds are you will have a successful pregnancy sooner or later.

laylasmummy09 · 17/05/2011 09:29

thanks i am proberbly worrying too much i will ask about the hysteroscopy its a strong possinbility after forceps and a d&c thanks again x

OP posts:
laylasmummy09 · 17/05/2011 14:40

just got back from the docs and she wanted to do a test to make sure, it was positive im pregnant Grin this is all too much to take for one day, i did a cb digi and it came up 2-3 so im 4-5 weeks yay !!!! im Confused though because i thought that without a period i wouldnt be able to get pregnant oh well, wish me luck xxx

OP posts:
ChoChoSan · 19/05/2011 17:40

Oh congratulations LM! Fabulous news and good luck...!

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