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very light periods after miscarriage

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sky44 · 16/05/2011 12:21

I had an ERPC (suction removal of pregnancy) 3 months ago for a miscarriage at 9 weeks of twins. Since then each of the 3 periods I have had have been incredibly light the first 2 days (brown discharge), then medium red flow for 2-3 days then light again. Before having my baby in 2009 my periods were really heavy and never started with brown discharge, so this is a real change.

The periods aren't painful, I have had positive ovulation sticks mid cycle and they are about 28 days apart. I wondered about Ashmerman's syndrome, but it is rare, and wondered if what I have experienced is just normal and common or something I should worry about? Have any other women out there have had light periods after an ERPC and what did they do about it e.g. GP?
Thank you in advance

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batteryhen · 16/05/2011 20:20

Hi :) Firstly sorry for your loss :(

I had a MMC in october for which I had an erpc.It took months for my periods to be anything like normal. The first proper period I had was in march. Even then it still was very light and hardly any red blood. Before that I saw my Dr about it, and had a scan etc, however bear in mind an ultra sound scan won't show any scarring. I drove myself mad with worry and insisted I was sent for a hysteroscopy too which showed nothing, ecxept my lining was still thin.

I think if you are bleeding some red then that is a good sign. I ate lots of foods to build up my lining as I think I was scrapped very thin. If you pop over to the conception thread there is a thread for ashermans. You can ask some questions there and they will be able to help further xx

sky44 · 17/05/2011 13:09

Thank you very much for your reply, it as helpful to hear what happened for you!

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