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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

miscarriage or not?

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Ksb33 · 13/05/2011 13:44

Any input would be so appreciated! Okay I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been spotting brownish blood for two weeks. I had 1st vaginal sono on day 7 of spotting bc I was also experiencing mild discomfort on my right ovary (felt like period cramps.) this sono showed no sac yet but didn't appear eptopic and there was a largish cyst on rt ovary that doc said wouldnt be abnormal except it appeared to be collapsing in on itself somewhat which (along with spotting and cramping) may indicate miscarriage. So that was a week ago and symptoms didn't worsen or lessen any and I went back today for another vaginal sono. Doc says cld see a sac this time but it didn't look "right".. Appeared fuzzy evidently compared to what she said it should look like at 5 weeks 4 days which would be an image of black and white (sac and fetus)it looked just kind of grayish and hard to make out.. This according to doc is most likely bc I'm miscarrying. After vaginal sono today my cramping has become much more painful and I'm spotting more and although still brown-now there are darker brownish red specks in blood that cld be tissue? I am confused. Any of this familiar to anyone else? And is this just a slooow miscarriage or what? Thanks for letting me vent this feels very lonely.

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fran28 · 14/05/2011 00:35

hey..sorry for what ur going be honest thats how all of my miscarriages started...went on for nearly 2 weeks of brown spotting. and light cramping..had scan..told nothing really..come back a few days later..etc.....

but i did still got brown spotting and bleeding with my 4th pregnancy and everything turned out ok..

sorry im not much help really

Ksb33 · 14/05/2011 20:13

Thanks Fran at least it helps known that you've experienced this. I just wish I knew how much longer this will drag on. My boobs are sore I'm hungry and tired and yet still spotting and cramping.. Uggh

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