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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

HCG levels/testing/cycles

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Fluffaddict · 09/05/2011 15:15

I recently had my 1st mc - I was 12wk but scan showed empty sac measuring 7 weeks. I opted for natural management which happened 8 days after the 1st scan on 28th April.

If I remember correctly, ny HCG levels were around 11,000 at the time of 1st scan but have not been tested since. How do I know without a GP visit if my levels have dropped to normal and what is considered normal? Would a pregnancy test be positive if hormones still present?

Also, in terms of my cycle returning - what should I expect? My LMP was 27th Jan - does your cycle start a whole new one or follow the pattern they used to? Sorry for all the questions, I should know about returning cyles after having 2 children!

Thanks in advance.

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hairylights · 09/05/2011 18:31

Hi. Sorry for your loss. A home pregnancy test will tell if you still have pregnancy hormones in your system.

Everyone is different but my cycles returned to normal 28- 32 days after each of my losses.

crochetcircle · 11/05/2011 09:12

So sorry for your loss. A pregnancy test will show positive until almost all the hormones are gone. I suspect it's different for everyone exactly when this happens. I was tested a month after my mc and the test was negative, but I didn't do any tests in between so it might have been sooner.

My period returned one month after the mc, not related to timing icky periods before the mc. Strangely I then dropped to a 28 day cycle until I conceived again. I had used to have 30-31 day cycles previously.

Last thing: my periods were heavier, more painful and longer for 3 cycles after the mc. Despite lots of trying, we didn't fall pregnant again until after my period had settled down. Again, this will be different for everyone, but I thought you might find it helpful to know.

Fluffaddict · 11/05/2011 11:53

Thank you ladies. Crochetcircle, that's usefull info. I always been pretty much on a 28 day cycle but it was a little erratic after I had my coil removed to TTC.

Well, time will tell I guess!

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