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Polycystic Ovaries and Miscarriage

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LIG1979 · 03/05/2011 17:07

Hello all,

Went earlier for what i thought was my last scan after a mc on 12th april and found out that i still had a bit of product left and that my ovaries are polycystic and that will stop me conceiving again. The midwife didn't really help as I said what shall I do? She replied stop eating carbs and loose weight.

Bearing in mind I am 9 stone and 5 ft 4 and around 24% body fat (size 8 clothes) and until I fell pregnant I was about 8.5 stone and 20% body fat - I do not think I need to loose weight - if anything when my periods did not come back regularly after stopping the pill in November, I put on a bit of weight and then fell pregnant (conception date) about 1 week after I cut down exercise and started trying to eat more stodge. (Both a nutritionist friend and my DH who was a personal trainer told me it could be because I did not have enough fat on me.)

Did the polycystic ovaries cause the mc? What can I do to get pregnant and stay pregnant? Or should I give up now?

Please let me know if anyone has been through the same and what happened. I've booked a doctors appointment for next week as I am very confused about it all.

OP posts:
eyeofhorus · 03/05/2011 17:13

don't give up hope - but be prepared for the doctors to be very complacent about it all. They will probably not offer much sympathy. PCOScan be dealt with with adopting a very healthy diet and ime chinese medicine and acupuncture can really turn things round for you. never give up hope. hope that helps .

freelancegirl · 03/05/2011 17:31

Ah LIG, just seen this. That is indeed a bugger and I understand you will be upset. I think that doctor was a total tw@t to say that will stop you conceiving again as many of us on here will know that not to be true. You got pregnant this time didn't you and I am assuming you haven't just developed PCOS. My cousin has PCOS (and quite a few of the nasty symptoms that go with it including excess hair and weight) and she had no problems conceiving at all.

When I read your post I also googled Victoria Beckham as I am aware she has it and having had three kids and another on the way she must be a good example of how it doesn't always mean you can't have kids.

I came across this brilliant Guardian article talking about both her experience and Jools Oliver who I think also has three kids, but did have to take clomid to help her along.

You definitely don't need to lose weight with that BMI and level of fitness. IMO being any smaller might be more detrimental. The stupid doc was probably just saying that as it is in the 'script' of what to say with anyone with PCOS. As you can see from that article not everyone seems to get symptoms.

It's something I have been keeping an eye on too being that my cousin has it and my mum has a large ovarian cyst and also I have now been told I have a small cyst on my left ovary that 'should go away'. Having not a huge amount of trust in these things I will keep an eye on that.

My layman's terms advice would be to try again and see how you get on. If it doesn't go as planned OR you want to start investigations sooner find out (via Dr Google and Dr Mumnetters) who is a good specialist to go for (not sure if Dr S is one of them for this sort of thing) and get a referral.

Sadly like many conditions of similar ilk you have to take matters into your own hands. But you are fully able to do this so take heart it will all work out for you and get researching xx

DottyDot · 03/05/2011 17:33

Hi there - I'm so sorry for your loss - but don't give up. I have PCOS and struggled to get pregnant, but my consultant put me on Metformin which seemed to do the trick - I was pregnant within 3 months of taking it - and had ds.

Definitely talk through your options with the doctor and I certainly don't believe PCOS in itself is a barrier to becoming pregnant. Good luck Smile

ggirl · 03/05/2011 17:35

I have pcos as does my dd.
It can be treated with metformin or clomid to get you ovulating if indeed you are not. Sounds like you are though.
Miscarriage is more prevalent with pcos but you still can achieve a healthy pregnancy ,it is very common.
good website with loads of info on pcos

LIG1979 · 03/05/2011 17:55

thanks everyone.....

got lots of reading to do now - at least i can learn all about it and it will be something new to learning about mc Smile

OP posts:
pnjeff · 03/05/2011 18:36

Hi LIG don't know a huge ammount about PCOS however my niece has it and she has a son and a daughter. Doctors can be so inconsiderate. Hopefully your doc will be able to tell you about your options but please don't give up hope. xx

creamcracker · 03/05/2011 18:51

Oh LIG I can understand what a shock that must be, I was actually convinced I had PCOS and was shocked when they said my ovaries were clear (although I'm not totally convinced) - as almost every female on my Mum's side of the family have PCOS or suffer with cysts. None of them are overweight, hairy or spotty but have a type that is apparently more hereditary.

However they all have children (apart from me who apparently doesn't have it). My sister has recently had her third DC and was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 years ago. So there is no reason why you can't go on to have children.

When I first mentioned my concerns about having it to my doctor (as I get the same pains my Mum and sister suffered) she said I wouldn't have it because I'm not overweight!?! What bloody medical journal are they reading.

Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you some reassurance. I know some people have taken clomid in order to fall prg, but the fact you've already done this (conceived) must be a positive.

InmaculadaConcepcion · 03/05/2011 19:28

Oh, poor you LIG - no wonder you're feeling depressed.

But don't give up hope, as the others said. It's not an insurmountable obstacle.

I have a feeling one of the posters on my post natal thread has this problem - I'll ask her and if so, get her to post something about it.

Reallyusefulengine · 03/05/2011 19:39

Oh LIG You poor poppet. I agree with eyeofhorus, acupuncture is supposed to be amazing for PCOS, and fertility issues in general. My friend with PCOS is expecting - she thinks her acupuncture treatment has alot to do with it. Will request her doctor's details as she might be based not to far from you. But really, the midwife sounds like a stupid toad and should never have said that to you in such an offhand manner. And she's talking shit anyway. It doesn't mean you can't conceive or anything of the sort. xxxx

iloveblue · 03/05/2011 20:34

I can't add to the excellent advice you've already been given LIG - but didn't want to read and run. Sounds like it is something that can be dealt with successfully - I hope you get some support from your doctor next week.

LIG1979 · 04/05/2011 20:44

thanks everyone. feeling a bit better about it now but will definitely look into the accupuncture as that sounds pretty interesting. (Got home last night and the dh had been researching it and finding out about why it wasn't bad news and the options we had - he is much less up and down than i am at the moment!)

OP posts:
SocietyClowns · 04/05/2011 20:58

Hi LIG, just to add a little reassurance... I have PCOS and it took me many years and many miscarriages for me to have my two beautiful girls (now aged nearly 4 and 1). Health professionals are now much better informed (except clearly your mw Sad) than when I struggled to stay pregnant. My 'recipe' in the end was to take metformin (a drug normally for diabetics but it regulates hormones which means in PCOS it can improve the quality of the eggs and also balance hormones in very early pregnancy) and then once pregnant use progesterone pessaries until 12 weeks just to support things a bit until the placenta takes over and gives the ovaries a rest Smile. Clomid may also be worth a try. Obviously everyone is different but please don't think your PCOS means you won't have a baby. Good luck! And make sure you pester your GP for things like scans etc to get yourself into the 'system'.

SocietyClowns · 04/05/2011 21:00

Oh, and I am under- rather than over-weight, so was also told by several doctors that I can't have PCOS despite the scans being absolute textbook...Angry.

reallygrumpy · 09/05/2011 19:09

Hi LIG, sorry to hear your Dr was so unhelpful. Just by way of reassurance, I've got PCOS (diagnosed when I was 20) and have always had a BMI in the normal range, and don't have any of the other symptoms (bad skin, hairy etc). I've got a 3 yr old DD conceived after taking metformin, I got pg last summer after taking clomid but sadly miscarried and am now 28 weeks pg with another DD after taking metformin again. Good luck!

LIG1979 · 10/05/2011 07:22


Thanks for all your support. Saw the GP yesterday and he was really good - he has refered me to a gynae and ordered lots of blood tests. feel alot better to at least be doing something about it - would rather know than not know.

OP posts:
SocietyClowns · 11/05/2011 20:27

LIG Keeping my fingers crossed for you Smile

LIG1979 · 12/05/2011 08:17

Thank you. Just a question - when they do the tests - what happens after that? Do they confirm the PCOS and then give you whatever drugs you need or are there further things they do? Do you have to keep seeing a specialist or just go to the GP and say when you are trying again/pregnant and then get a prescription? Also, do you take drugs day to day or just when trying to conceive.

Started trying to improve my diet to see whether that helps - already have a fairly low GI diet anyway but thought I could make a few tweaks and eat less carbs and more meat as I do not each much meat normally. (I used to have low blood sugar/fainting problems years back that never showed up anything on tests but improved once I stopped drinking large amounts of sugary drinks and sweets and moved to wholemeal carbs.) So far - all that has happened is that I have gained weight but it is only day 4! Thanks for your help and advice.

OP posts:
SocietyClowns · 13/05/2011 21:41

I think it depends on the GP but in my experience they can't prescribe Metformin for what is a 'fertility' issue. To conceive my second daughter I had to make a private appt with a consultant and then pay for the tablets myself (they only cost about £2.50 for a three months supply...). Maybe things have changed since... Smile
PS. Your low blood sugar problem may actually have been related to the PCOS! As is craving sugary food... I had/have the same (and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong eg diabetes, as you found out)

LIG1979 · 16/05/2011 15:59

Thanks Society,
I have got a book on PCOS and a low GI diet. It sounds like I may have pcos but unfortunately I have already been doing the diet (as it helped with my blood sugar issues) although I may be able to do a few tweaks. My book is sort of implying follow this diet and your PCOS will be cured which I know isn't the case.

That is silly not prescribing metmorfin - surely the cost of me miscarrying and all the extra scans & appointments/potential ERPC is huge compared to £2.50 for some tablets. oh well i guess the nhs know what they are doing?

OP posts:
ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 19/05/2011 10:15

Hi there LIG,

I have PCOS, only diagnosed last November after I threw a strop in my GP's office after 5 years of gynae probs. I was convinced I had PCOS and nobody would hear me out. I was referred to a gynae again after TTC for a year and no success, no periods for 6 months. Consultant confirmed PCOS from a scan and blood tests and from other symptoms I had. Spotty, no periods for extended time and excess dark hair.

He booked an appointment for me to go on some medication. The same week of the appoinment I got a BFP :) so I had to cancel.

I had already had 2 mcs previously and alse have a 3yo DD. Am now 20weeks, going for my scan tomorrow. I also had a lot of problems with blood sugar and fainting when I was younger.

Just wanted to offer yuo some positive info :)

Obviously, you cannot compare one case to another as every person is different. PCOS brings up so many different symptoms and they vary in aggression from person to person. The PCOS books out there are fab, and the verity website is full of info.

Changing your diet can definitely improve things, sounds like your BMI is fine, as is mine. You don't have to be overweight to have PCOS. Do you have this book?

If you need any more info I'd be happy to help you a bit more :)

LIG1979 · 24/05/2011 08:40

Hello lovelybunchofcoconuts,

No - seen that book but not brought it but may well do.

Had results from my blood test and according to the doctors surgery it is all normal but i am not sure whether they have looked at the ratios. also, got an appointment on the 8th june with an infertility/gynae specialist.

also, been doing a low gi diet (foods not quantities) which i am not sure whether that affected the blood tests so soon but seems to be working. already, avoided sugary drinks and sweets without a meal (as it made me faint later) and stuck to wholegrain food although i probably ate alot of carbs and not too much meat so i have tried to eat more protein. so far i am not feeling hungry, sleeping through the night without having to grab a snack. (eating out is a bit difficult but i am finding ways round it - had to decide that cornish pasties were a good options when i went away last weekend!)

I hope your 20 week scan went well and congratulations.

OP posts:
ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts · 24/05/2011 13:22

Thank you LIG scan went well and we are having a boy :)

Regarding the blood results, mine also came back normal but I asked for a copy of my results so I could see the actual figures and make some comparisons and do my own research. In fact when compared to each other, instead of being looked at individually, they were far from normal. I also took a copy of those tests and wrote a few scribbled notes on so the consultant knew what I was on about. My GP did these for free for me, hopefully yours could do the same?

I also wrote down an extensive piece on my complete history in chronological order so it was easy for my consultant to see what happened and when. He said it was brilliant and made his job so much easier and he even photocopied it and put it in my notes. Perhaps you could do something similar to make the appointment that bit easier.

A list of questions you want to ask may be worthwhile also. I know I often go into an appointment with some questions in my head and forget them until I'm on the way home!

Glad your new diet regime is going well, and good luck for your appointment in June.


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