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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

MMC- have to wait a week for an ERPC :(

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Figaro82 · 29/04/2011 21:09

Hi ladies,

I had my 12 week scan on Wednesday and found out that our little baby had died at 10 weeks. Really shocked as I had had no bleeding and still had all pregnancy symptoms. I decided to have an ERPC, but because of the bank holidays they can not fit me in till next Wednesday, a week after. The wait is killing me as I feel I can not start to move on till the procedure is done. I feel totally heartbroken :(.

I am worrying about going through this again. Has anyone else been through this as the doctor said that missed miscarriages are not as common? Also how quickly did you fall pregnant after?

Any advice would be very much appreciated as I feel so lost x

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randomimposter · 29/04/2011 21:18

Figaro so sorry to read your post. It's terribly shocking to have an MMC as you describe.

I have had 3; the first, like you describe, came as a massive shock, and was at 12+6, baby died at 11+6. I had an ERPC the next day, and recovered physically very fast.

I got a BFP again after 3 cycles, but was never really able to relax, and just before 11 weeks had a small amount of spotting and didn't feel pg any more. Had a scan and baby had died at 9w. This time there was a nearly 2 week wait for ERPC, and I mc naturally at home at 12+2.

I then waited a few months to TTC again and got pg again first month. At a 12 week scan baby was only 10+1. I had an ERPC a week later.

MMCs are less common, but not as rare as you might think. Many women have one or more and go on to happy healthy pgs in the future.

I wish you a speedy recovery. The TTC after MC threads are massvely supportive.

GwendolineMaryLacey · 29/04/2011 21:25

That's awful :( I was really lucky (ha!) and my mmc was diagnosed on the Friday and I had the ERPC on the Monday. I found out at 11 weeks and the baby died at 6 weeks and it was devastating to think I had carried a dead baby round for 5 weeks and known nothing about it. I don't think I could have coped with waiting a week.

It seems to me, from reading posts here and elsewhere, that missed miscarriages are fairly common.

My mmc was at the end of January and I am very slightly pregnant now, it took 2 full cycles. I am on tenterhooks, only just over 4 weeks pg now and another 3 weeks before I can take myself off to my fab nearest EPU to reassure myself temporarily, if I get that far. It's really really hard.

I'm really sorry for your loss, take care and wish you well x

raspberryshake · 29/04/2011 21:36

So sorry to hear your bad news. Having had a miscarriage too, I can only tell you it does get easier to cope with. Unlike you I had bleeding, but between having that bleeding and a scan, I still had to wait for my ERPC.

In that time my body took matters into it's own hands and I bled heavily for a few days (not continuously, but when I was bleeding I had to remain in the loo).

I called the hospital, and they told me I'd done most of it myself and to come in for a scan to make sure everything was gone. They also said that doing it naturally is better for your body, while distressing. They said I may still need an ERPC tho. Luckily the scan showed my womb was empty.

Like you I felt I couldn't grieve until it was over.

I guess what I'm saying is, although the wait for the ERPC is long, you might not need your ERPC if your body does it itself.

At my follow-up appointment, the Dr said just because I had had one miscarriage did not mean I was any more likely to have another. He also said we could start trying again as soon as I'd had a period.

I lost my precious baby at 12 weeks in May last year. I fell pregnant again August Bank holiday. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant. The first 12 weeks was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I was so happy to be pregnant again but I had some spotting, and had to go for blood tests and an early scan, which showed everything to be ok.

You must look after yourself, and allow yourself time to grieve. We never forget the ones we lose.... But the loss gets easier to bear.

Take care.... Xx

pecka33 · 29/04/2011 21:58

Hi there, sorry you're having to go through thisn its terriblen and I hope I never have to go through it again!!!
I had an mmc last sept, my first baby, pregnancy, found out at 13 weeks baby had died at 8 weeks, was totally heart broken,I decided to miscarry naturally as my body had already started the process, bleeding,cramps. Its was a terrible experience that I wouldn't recommend anyone go through. I'm neally 8 months on now from my mmc and am actively trying to get pregnant with no avail. Emotionally its took me a while to recover, I only now feel ready to be pregnant again, so fingers crossed it won't be too long.
The theory that your more fertile after a miscarriage hasn't worked for me, and made the whole process very difficult as month after month I got a bfn, try not to worry to much about conceiving straight away, get yourself physically and mentally ready and I'm sure the rest will happen naturally. Good luck with the rest of your journey and come join us on the ttc after miscarriage thread when your ready. Take care, my thoughts are with you and your dh at this time x

jezebelle · 29/04/2011 22:14

Sorry to hear of your loss Figaro, and long wait for ERPC :(
I had a mmc last June, i was 13 weeks exactly but baby had died the day before at 12+6 :( I was lucky enough to get a ERPC later that day, physically i was fine, had op at 7pm and was home by 11pm.
I am now 32 weeks pg again, having suffered an early mc in Sept, this baby is due the same time as i lost baby last yr, in June in the same week !! It will be a very happy/sad week. I was told there was no reason for the mmc, just one of those sad things xxx

Jemimapuddleduk · 30/04/2011 13:52

Figaro - i am really sorry about what you are going through and for your wait for the erpc. I have recently had a very similar thing. I was in holiday and 3 days in (at 8.5 weeks pregnant) knew something was wrong, my sickness went and my boobs felt less sore. I had to wait until i came back from holiday a week later to get a scan. The NHS wouldn't give me one (as i wasn't bleeding) so had it done privately, sure enough the scan showd that the baby stopped developing at 8.5 weeks so diagnosed as mmc. It was then a week until i could get a NHS scan to confirm (due to Easter) and then 2 days after that for the erpc (so basically a lot of waiting around!). Once i got the care from the NHS it was amazing, just took a while to get it. Had my erpc on Thursday and recovering ok from, i have had minimal bleeding and i am sleeping ok. You are right that only once you have had the erpc can you really move on. I would recommend to try and keep busy in the next week and surround yourself with friends/family who can offer support and take good care of you. I have found a friend who went through 2 mc's herself and now has a lovely, lively little 1 year a MASSIVE help and support. MN has also been great for hearing about other people's experience. I have been finding it very hard to concentrate on a book/film at the moment though as my mind has been all over. Allowing myself to indulge in all the preg no nos again (wine, soft cheese, pate, poached eggs etc) has also helped!
This is my second mc this year. The first was in Feb at around 7.5/8 weeks but happened on its own accord. I fell pregnant around 10 days after the first mc.
We will try again once i get first normal period back after erpc (hope it hasn't messed around with my cycles too much)
Best of luck and i hope the week does not drag too much.

Figaro82 · 30/04/2011 21:43

Thank you so much ladies. Your kind words and comments have helped me so much! I don't feel like so much of a zombie today.

Ventured out today for the first time since Wednesday and apart from having a mini breakdown on the high street (saw a very pregnant smoking and wanted to scream how lucky she was), I seemed to have coped ok.

A little worried about how I will feel after the ERPC, but I have the love and support of my bf and family. X

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