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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

More fertile after a D&C or Miscarriage????

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plumblusher · 27/04/2011 10:00

I'm having a miscarriage and have heard you are more fertile just after than at any other time. how true is this? Anyone had any experience as it took us over 2yrs to concieve! Thank you for any replies in advance x

OP posts:
hairylights · 27/04/2011 11:28

Apparently that is the mist recent medical advice.

SilveryMoon · 27/04/2011 11:32

I'm so sorry.
I don't have any statistics for you, but 6 weeks after my last m/c I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Good luck

GwendolineMaryLacey · 27/04/2011 11:35

Not sure how you'd define 'just after' but I had a mc in late Jan (and had an ERPC) and am now just pg so 2 cycles. But that could have been down to any number of reasons so it doesn't really prove the point, I wish it did.

Sorry to hear about your mc x

LilPud · 27/04/2011 11:40

Hi Plumb

MW told me on Sunday that yes we are more fertile after MC but to wait til after first AF before trying for dating purposes etc

Fingers crossed this proves to be true.

hairylights · 27/04/2011 11:44

Waiting a cycle is a red herring. Dating can be accurately done via scans. Medical advice is to start ttc again when you feel ready.

silverangel · 27/04/2011 14:58

I waited for my first cycle and got pregnant (with twins!) straight away x

LilPud · 27/04/2011 15:00

I thought that too - otherwise why have a 'dating' scan? So many don't even know their dates!

But yeah after the very recent trauma and the current bleeding situation I think ttc is the very last thing on my mind just now - DH isn't even sleeping in the same bed just now.

Jemimapuddleduk · 27/04/2011 17:53

Hello - in answer to your q, for us yes i was more fertile after my first mc. It took us 10 months to get pg first time then I fell pg app 10 days after mc. However i am now sadly going through a second mmc. The docs have not indicated that this is anything to do with not waiting though.
I plan to start ttc again as soon as i can after erpc. The doc (and my mum and MIL) have this time said to wait a cycle. I would rather not in case we miss that 'fertile window of opportunity'. I do think its all a bit of a lottery though....
Good luck

chocadoodle · 27/04/2011 19:14

I became pg 3 days after my bleeding stopped from MC1 (after being told to wait a cycle. Advice I chose to ignore)

Unfortunately I went on to have another MC so suffered 2 losses within 6 weeks.

I was told again to wait a cycle which I did and then had what I think may have been a another miscarriage (day before period was due). Sadly this wasn't confirmed as I was putting off peeing on a stick for as long as possible so never got the BFP that time. I'll never know for sure.

I'm now waiting a couple of months before TTC again. I'm still too raw from the previous losses to face another one just yet. I know this means that I'm losing time and possibly may be less fertile but to me there doesn't seem much point in being more fertile if at the same time I'm more likely to suffer another MC. My Doctor was of the opinion that your hormones need to re-balance themselves after a MC to be able to support a new pregnancy.

Seems like a cruel trick from nature doesn't it? Gives with one hand and takes with the other. Makes you more fertile, but also more likely to miscarry.

I don't think anyone really knows. Doctors all seem to have their own different opinions on the matter. Try when you feel ready (as long as bleeding has ended)

Sorry for your loss.

crochetcircle · 27/04/2011 19:21

I've never seen the research that would back this up, and think it's particularly cruel thing to say to a woman who has just mc'd. (I'm not suggesting people are being intentionally cruel btw).

Even though we didn't 'try' straight after my mc I was completely gutted when my first period arrived. Every month we didn't conceive after that I was so very upset.

Good luck on your ttc journey and sorry for your loss. We did conceive successfully after our mmc last year (4th cycle after mc) and I'm now 34 weeks. It will happen for you too, but do be kind to yourself in the early weeks after mc.

SilveryMoon · 27/04/2011 19:25

Oh. I've never been told that you'd be more likely to suffer a mc if you get pregnant again straight away. I've had 3 mc and 2 successfull pregnancies.
I've just realised that at 1 point, I was pregnant 3 seperate times in 1 year.
Like you say though, suppose it depends on what the personal opinion of your doctor is.
I've also never waited for bleeding to stop

chocadoodle · 27/04/2011 19:51

Silverymoon many of us ladies who've suffered miscarriages have all been advised different things by different medical professionals. I don't know how factual any of the advice is but I think most of it must be opinion rather than fact otherwise it wouldn't conflict so much.

I do remember them saying to wait until bleeding has stopped to reduce the risk of infection though.

bigbumum · 27/04/2011 19:54

not ime unfortunately.

always taken a long time to concieve after each of my 5 mcs.

was told this by several friends who had "heard this" where from and who from i have no idea. Any way, for me it was rubbish advice.

digitalgirl · 27/04/2011 22:16

I've never seen research to support this, but I have been told by my consultant (a recurrent miscarriage specialist) that if you've had two or more consecutive miscarriages you should wait at least one cycle. Not for dating purposes, just that miscarrying immediately after a miscarriage has more risks, especially if the miscarriages weren't managed naturally.

Fwiw, it's taken me between 2-4 cycles to get pregnant after my 4 mc's. Took me 4 cycles to get pregnant first time with ds. We're currently waiting one (long) post-mc cycle and will start ttc next cycle.

pecka33 · 27/04/2011 22:49

Wish this was the case for me, now on cycle 7 after my mmc in sept, which took us 2 years to conceive in the first place.
Feels abit of a cruel myth to me, every month I feel so let downn and disappointed.

joycep · 28/04/2011 06:55

I am sorry for what you are going through. I had heard you were more fertile after a m/c and when I had mine last July we cracked on straight away. But like someone said above it is a cruel myth to me as I am now in cycle 11 after a m/c at 7wks and still haven't got pregnant again. but like all these things everyone is different and I hope it doesn't take you long to get pregnant again as this has turned out to be awful month after month.

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