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Antibiotics after ERPC

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Diamondsamdrubies · 16/04/2011 09:54

Had ERPC yesterday. No antibiotics offered. Should I go to gp to request some, or does it really not matter? Thanks in advance.

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hairylights · 16/04/2011 10:36

I was given them "as a precaution". Ask if you're worried

GwendolineMaryLacey · 16/04/2011 10:52

I was given them as a precaution too. I would definitely ask as they seem to be quite important.

Diamondsamdrubies · 16/04/2011 11:05

Just phoned the hospital. They say they don't offer them at all! Gp closed today. Will after hour surgery offer them do you think?

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GwendolineMaryLacey · 16/04/2011 13:33

I don't know really. You could ring them to ask I guess, I've never used an after hours surgery so not sure what they do. Infections after an ERPC can be quite serious which is why I was told that they (normally) give them to you as routine.

harassedinherpants · 17/04/2011 18:18

I was offered them either, and did end up with an infection!! I thought I had a water infection though... Had a course of strong antibiotics followed by a lovely dose of thrush Hmm.

Do you think you have an infection diamond??

Diamondsamdrubies · 17/04/2011 20:27

Was in pain yesterday, so was prescribed codeine. Dizzy, faint and nauseous today: dr paid home visit, he said I had a raised temp too, so probably had developed an infection, so he prescribed two antibiotics. Now my worry is that I've had the same two antibiotics earlier this month- when infection set in in the early stages of miscarriage. But the doc seems to think the same antibiotics taken again after a weeks break in between are ok?! So, as I have no knowledge in the matter, I have preceded to take them in the hope that he is correct! FX that he is. This is dragging out a bit now. Feel very run down too.

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