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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

so sad

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annbenoli · 12/04/2011 13:17

I am feeling so sorry for myself. I have three beautiful children (8, 5 and 2). I miscarried an unlplanned pregnancy and would have been due next week. My husband feels nothing but relief. I am so sad. How can I get over this and appreciate what I have got?

OP posts:
sotough · 12/04/2011 19:13

by reminding yourself over and over again how lucky you are to have three lovely children, and by gently accepting that it will take time to get over your loss....some people on this board have had 12 miscarriages and have no children at all. i know that comparing your own grief to the suffering of others, and trying to feel grateful for what you've got, doesn't always work, but it sometimes helps a bit.

crochetcircle · 12/04/2011 19:28

Due dates can be a really sad time. I would say grieve as long as you need to, don't feel you have to move on until you are ready. Just because you have children doesn't mean you can't be sad about your loss.

If you feel you are dwelling on things too much in the months to cone, then you could contact someone for counselling - such as the miscarriage association.

I hope you feel better soon, but I do think it's important to grieve until your grief is over. Over time it will come less, and go more. However long it takes.

bibindum · 19/04/2011 11:06

i'm so sorry for your hurt, i lost a little boy at 17 weeks and it is my due day soon, thought i had come to terms with it but I am really struggling with the loss. I also have 3 chldren but it doesn't make losing a child feel any less painful.
Don't be hard on yourself its okey to feel sad and hopefully time will heal

MrsSteph · 20/04/2011 20:48

Really sorry for your loss!
I have 1 DD who is the best & I know how lucky I am but having a MC is the hardest thing I have been through, sometimes I think its worse as I know what an amazing gift I have lost!
I also know its hard when DH is not on the same page as you but I he can support you in time, if not we are here!xxxx

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