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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

When to try again after a miscarriage

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thenubianqueen · 31/10/2005 16:18

Hello. I am totally new to this and do not know what I am doing, so apologies because I do not know how it all works What I wanted to find out was how long you waited, or were advised to wait after a miscarriage before trying again,or how long it was before you had a healthy baby after a miscarriage. I have a 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter. I found out my last baby was dead at the 12 week scan when there was no heartbeat. I was devastated as the scan was on my 2 year olds birthday as well. I was totally shocked but not surprised as I felt unwell throughout and just said to myself that this baby would not be 100% healthy. Anyway, I am all cried out after 3 months. I have planted a tree for my baby. The pregnancy was unplanned but we had wanted to be pregnant next year anyway! So now, I feel past just wanting to replace my baby, and am actually thinking about another baby, the baby that was in our original plan. My doctor has said whenever I am ready and I am still young 31. Any advice on this would be helpful, and advice on how to use this too!

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startingtobehalloweenylover · 31/10/2005 16:23

i had a miscarriage last february and fell pregnant again in the may. now have a healthy 9 month old son!

Bewitched · 31/10/2005 16:33

I had a missed m/c last October, started trying again straight away (had D&C). I was advised that it was physically fine to start trying as soon as I wanted to - some docs advise you to wait 1-3 months, but that's only because it makes it easier for them to date a subsequent pregnancy if they know what your cycles were doing!

It took me until May to fall pregnant, and I'm now 26 1/2 weeks and doing just great.

So if you feel ready emotionally then just go for it!

Oh, and as for how to use mumsnet, best if you just say whatever you feel like to whoever you feel like whenever you feel like it . You'll soon get the hang of it and find it very addictive! Think most people focus on either the 'all topics', which shows you the most recently active conversations, or the 'last hour', which, as the title suggests, shows you conversations that have been posted on in the last hour!

sweetheart · 31/10/2005 16:36

I was told to wait 3/4 months before trying again when I had a m/c in January. I lost the baby further along so that might be why I was told to wait a while?!?!

Anyway, we ignored this advice and I fell pregnant again 6 weeks later.

I'm due in less than 5 weeks and hoping for a perfectly healthy baby

bramblina · 01/11/2005 23:10

I fell pg within 2m of trying, a few yrs ago, and miscarried at 14 wks. I was told to wait until I'd had a period to start trying again, but didn't. It took a year to concieve. Miscarried at 11 wks, told the same thing but did the same thing. Fell pg again 6m later, miscarried at 6 wks, then another 6m later miscarried at 5 wks, then when I'd completely given up I concieved the very next month, and now I have the most wonderful 12 week old little boy. Consequently I have quite a good relationship with my GP who has told me the only reason they ask you to wait is so they can date your next pregnancy. So my advice is go for it when you want and feel ready. I think I just had a run of bad luck and the fact I had 4 were nothing to do with each other so don't let it make you think it will affect your next baby, numbers are just statistics. Good luck

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