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MC one twin, now brown blood, is this to be expected?

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chipmonkey · 05/04/2011 08:56

I am 9+5 weeks pregnant, originally with twins. Had a big bleed with huge clot at 7 weeks but when went into hospital a foetus with a heartbeat was found.
Was seen again by my own obs at exactly 9 weeks and he pointed out a second empty sac and said it might cause some bleeding, could potentially cause the other twin to MC but that this was unlikely and that the most likely outcome was that the normal sac would increase in size and squash the second one.

I have had a fair bit of brown bleeding in this pg but this morning there is quite a bit of brown blood.

Is this to be expected or might I be losing the other baby? Has anyone had this?

OP posts:
chocolatine · 05/04/2011 11:21

I'm 8+2 and last week had a small amount of brown bleeding. I almost didn't get it checked out as I thought brown blood was "okay". Finally did decide to go and see my doctor, got a scan and in fact the egg had partially detached. I'm now on strict bedrest and keeping everything crossed that it re-attaches.
This isn't to scare you and obviously it isn't related to twins, but just to say that even if it's brown blood, you should at least call someone and get it checked by a professional.
Really hope that it's nothing serious, and that it's just old blood.

Diamondsamdrubies · 05/04/2011 18:30

Oh Hun, I really feel for you - I do! Please get yourself down to the EPU asap. I read the same here: brown is safe. I am at the tail end of mc of 8.5 weeks- which began as brown mucus, progressed to all shades of brown, eventually red fresh blood confirmed (as did subsequent scan) miscarriage. Please get checked out.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and praying that you carry your second twin to term. My thoughts are with you Hun x

2kidsintow · 05/07/2011 20:45

I had three mcs, all the tests and nothing showed. I then got pregnant again and had some bleeding. A scan showed the healthy pregnancy and another sac that was the probably cause of the bleed. After a week it all settled down. DD1 from that pregnancy is now ten years old.

Glitterybits · 07/07/2011 13:39

What a frightening and traumatic situation for you. Like the others, I would suggest getting checked out asap. I have no experience of what you describe, but my mc started out as brown sludge. I get sick of medical professionals telling people brown is safe. It very well could be but blood is blood and is incredibly worrying for any mother-to-be. If you have any doubts whatsoever, go and see them. It's what they are there for. I hope everything calms down and the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful.

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