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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

please help! bleeding at 5/6 weeks and nothing on the scan? but still positive test am i having a miscarriage??

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jayde24 · 31/03/2011 20:21

please can anyone help?? i am 5/6 weeks pregnant i started getting some brownish discharge last week once or twice then it turned into bleeding on monday i had no pain so doctor said to keep an eye on it. then on wednesday i was still bleeding and getting some mild cramps i doc sent me to fetal health unit and i had an internal the doctor said there was blood but the woomb was still closed so it was only a thretaned miscarriage she said bleeding can be normal she booked me in for an early scan today and when i went they did a test which was positive then an internal scan they could not see anything so i had a blood test and hav to get another sat to see if i am still pregnant or not or if eptopic.
has this ever happend to anyone? and had a good turn out? i really hope i will go back and they will say everything is fine it was just too early but i dont think they will :(

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beefcake · 01/04/2011 09:12

Jayde24 I'm really sorry you're going through this. I had a miscarriage in October - it started with pink tinged discharge on wiping but over the course of thre days turned into full on bleeding. I never had any pain. I went to the EPAU and they did a scan which came back inconclusive. The torture of waiting just 5 days for the scan was agony. I've never cried so much, felt so hopeless and alone. When they told us the scan was inconclusive and we had to wait a further 10days we couldn't believe it! We wanted answers and comfort - of which they could not give us either. I carried on bleeding and eventually I knew when I had passed the tiny blob that was the fetus. It was very much a formality when we got to the second scan. The midwife told us not to do a preganancy test as it may come up pos even if not still pregnant.

Worse this is it's happening again. I'm bleeding again and very differently so completely confused. It's that wait again - scan on tuesday. Hope that gives us an answer?

I've got my fingers crossed for you. I'm getting to the point where I'm numb - I've got 2 gorgeous dd's age 7 and 8, so maybe that's my lot for which I should be eternally grateful Hmm :(

jayde24 · 02/04/2011 20:52

hi thanx for replying the waiting is a nightmare isnt it? im just hoping that it was just to small to see and that it might still be there. i had my second blood test 2day i have to fone for results on monday to see if they have doubled or dropped or if maybe eptopic but i dont think it will be what i hoped for :( im still bleeding so i think i have defo misscarried :( i still havent passed any blobs yet though. the staff are not verry sympathetic either wich doesnt help. i hope that your scan goes well on tuesday!! if you are bleeding differently then hopfully you will be ok fingers crossed!
befor i had my scan the nurse said to me did anyone tell you bleeding in pregnancy is verry normal? then she did the scan and saw nothing i was livid she gave me hope then took it away :( its so hard to except though im going to ring monday but i know what there going to tell me and then your expected to just get on with it :(
i really hope everything works out ok with you let me know how it goes i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you 2 xx

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jayde24 · 04/04/2011 20:12

baby is gone :( :( :(

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crochetcircle · 04/04/2011 20:49

So sorry to hear this jayde. It's so difficult. I hope you have lots of support in RL and that you can give yourself time to recover.

Take care of yourself.

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