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What to expect from consultant appointment following mid trimester MC?

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Jomel · 23/03/2011 19:25

Hi everyone, this is my first post, although I have been reading some very sad threads from years ago on this topic, I felt that I wanted to start my own thread.

I fell pregnant back in April last year, and suffered terrible morning sickness and crappy pregnancy, then days before my 12 week scan, I started to miscarry. I have never been so "knocked" in all my life, and it was a truly terrifying experience that I would not wish on anyone. I was sent home from hospital with a leaflet and left to my own devices. It took me months to recover from the trauma, but my oh and I really wanted to try again, and luckily three months later, I fell pregnant again.

I was scared stiff during this pregnancy, and managed to get a 6 week scan which showed a srong h/b etc, then made it through the 12 week scan where baby was bouncing around happily. We went on hoilday over Christmas to America and when we arrived back at the airport in UK I suddenly felt very sick and suffered terrible diarrhoea and feeling dizzy/faint, but recovered after about 5-10 minutes. (I think I knew something was wrong at this time, but didn't want to know). Finally at 18 +5 I went to Dr's to check h/b, he could not pick it up, and was sent to EPAU to have it confirmed, scan showed baby had died at 17+5 approx (about the time when i had felt sick). I was given a tablet that day, and delivered our little boy two days later at 19 weeks in the hospital. They found the cord was wrapped around his neck and under his left arm three times. The midwives said at the time, that it was pretty conclusive as to what had happened, so I declined a PM.

Months on, and I have now got my consultant appointment..I'm terrified, anxious and dreading it. I would like to know what to expect, and what sort of questions I should ask. I'm fairly sure that the answer will be compromised cord, but that does not explain my first miscarriage, which the drs and midwives seem to think was pretty late also (although at the time, just told me to go home and that it happens to 1 in 4 pregnancies etc, etc). Anyway, any information would be great, and in advance I am very sorry for anyone who has gone through this horrible experience and grief themselves :-(

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iloveblue · 23/03/2011 22:18

Hi Jomel
I'm so sorry for your losses.
I also lost a little boy in October last year - found at 20 weeks but he had died at about 17 weeks. I've since gone on to have an early miscarriage last month, but they don't think they are connected.

We have only just had our consultant's appointment regarding our first loss (5 months after!!) and like you I was absolutely dreading it.

The consultant went through the tests they had done on me - which all came back clear, and explained that they had found nothing wrong with our baby boy. Sad

We did ask lots of questions, the ones I can think of are that might be applicable to you too are:

What extra monitoring will I be offered for future pregnancies?

Is there anything I should take during a future pregnancy? (e.g Higher dose of folic acid, aspirin)

Are there any conditions that could cause a late and an early loss miscarriage? (There are apparently)

Can't think of any others at the moment (its been a long day...)

Try not to worry about it - it will be fine and you will feel much better when its over.

Will be thinking of you.

Jomel · 24/03/2011 09:14

Thank you iloveblue! I'm sorry for your losses too :-( I will write down your questions and add them to my list, they are very helpful. If you can think of any more, please let me know...I'm sooooo dreading this!

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iloveblue · 24/03/2011 22:03

I wanted to ask but forgot : what would happen if i go on to have a third loss (hopefully won't happen for either of us) - regarding testing etc.

When is your appointment?

Jomel · 25/03/2011 09:13

My appointment is Tuesday 29th.

I'm not even sure if I can try again, this has all been so hard on the family, I have a 10yr old son and a 7yr old daughter, who understand everything! But I do want to ask all those questions, just in case...I don't want to waste the appointment. My dp has said we can try again if we want to, but it is a big decision (I am 39yrs old now). I can't understand how we could have had two healthy pregnancies with no problems, then gone onto one miscarriage and then my 2nd trimester loss :-(

Thanks for all your help :-)

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