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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Back again :(

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harassedinherpants · 23/03/2011 14:50

After mmc in January I'm gutted that I'm back here already.

Did a test last Monday (cd28) and got a bfn so tested again on Friday when no at and got a bfp. Been at the epu today after losing first some pinky but then red blood.

Scan showed nothing in my womb and no ectopic, so waiting for blood test results. On a 28 day cycle I would be 5+1, but hoping maybe I ov'd later due to mmc and I still have a glimmer of hope.

Should I be asking anything in particular? This is my 3rd mc and I have 3 dc.

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freelancegirl · 23/03/2011 15:24

Haven't any words of wisdom for you but just miscarried and am reading up obsessively on it (including hours spent here) so wanted to reply and say how sad I am for what you are going through :(

I went to the doc this morning (after '12 week' scan on Monday revealed it had died at 7 ish weeks, awful contractions pre-warned me) to see what I can do and I asked for thyroid level testing (mine is a controlled underactive), thyroid antibodies (you can have raised levels even if your thyroid seems normal and these can cause miscarriage) and other tests for selenium levels and Hughes Syndrome. She also suggested referring me to St Mary's, which I only even heard of yesterday, as this might actually be my third MC. I had a termination when I was 19 that was said to be very small (it only just dawned on me that it was prob a missed MC) and also a proper MC at age 20. I was quite glad that happened then to be honest, but now having had one at 36 when I was TTCing is not good at all.

Maybe you have been down some of these testing routes already? I feel scared for all of us in the same position about the prospect of it happening again :( :(

meliesmummy · 23/03/2011 16:01

harassed I cant offer you any advice but i wanted to say that i'm so so sorry that you are going through this stress again. It's a very early pregnancy though so don't lose all hope yet, I hope your blood results bring good news xxxx

harassedinherpants · 23/03/2011 17:08

Bloods were pretty conclusive at 6! Have to poas to confirm next week and let them know what it says.

I spoke with doc and they said they wouldn't look into my mc's yet as the first one was with a different partner, and dh and I have a dd together so we can....... so basically I have to have another!! Not impressed with that, but she says they will def scan me earlier next time.

freelance my mmc in Jan was similar to you, except I was 10+1 and baby had stopped growing at 7wks. I had an erpc a few days later. I'm glad they're looking into things for you, keep pushing them!!!

Thanks mel xx

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chocadoodle · 23/03/2011 20:17

Sorry to hear your news Harrassed

I had my first mc early Dec and my second end of Jan, both at 6+3 (got pg more or less immediately after bleeding stopped from first mc)

I convinced myself after the first one that "it was just one of those things, happens to people all the time etc..." and I know how hard it hits when it happens a second time as it's not so easy to convince yourself there's nothing wrong with you.

I'm ttc again now and I'm trying to be positive. If I get pg again then hopefully all will be well and if it all goes wrong again at least I'll be referred for testing. Like you I already have one DC so hopefully things will work out for us both next time.

Could you maybe ask your GP for some blood tests? My GP was great and arranged some for me which have all come back normal. I think there was thyroid testing and blood-clotting included. He was able to request these himself without me having to be referred to gynae. I'm not sure how good these tests are for picking up any complicated thyroid issues or hormone levels but at least you might feel like you're doing something positive before you get pg again.

wellieboots · 24/03/2011 01:20

harassed I am so so sorry this is happening to you again :(
We've "met" on some of the TTC after MC boards and I was so excited when you got your bfp.
When I saw the title of the thread I was really worried to check who it was, I'm so very sorry for your loss

Please be kind to yourself, hope you have good support in RL and know that we're all here for you on here if you need us

take care x

harassedinherpants · 25/03/2011 09:31

Thanks for all your messages.

I honestly can't believe I'm going through this again! Like chocadoodle I convinced myself that my 2nd mc was "one of those things" (first was 8 years ago), so am totally shocked that it's happened again.

Gp has sent me for bloods, hoping to do that Monday morning as it's also a diabetes test that I need to fast for.

Thank god for mn is all I can say!

OP posts:
meliesmummy · 25/03/2011 10:23

I'm glad that your gp is going to do something for you, i hope that you get some answers x

Collie2 · 28/03/2011 18:01

Hi harassed how are you today sweetie? You know how sorry i am for you, its just so unfair. Did you have the tests today?

thinking of you xx

harassedinherpants · 29/03/2011 09:43

Oh bless you! I'm not too bad, will be back on Conception thread today. Don't like to post too much when I'm really down tbh, don't want to bring everyone else down. Really I'm up and down, can't believe I've had a second mc so soon!! A fair bit of "why me" going on...


OP posts:
Collie2 · 29/03/2011 12:31

Oh harassed the 'why me' is totally understandable and expected. I can't believe it either. It's so hard, so allow yourself to feel the grief and don't be hard on yourself. It might have only been short lived but the dissapointment is just as real. Are you still off or are you working today?

You said you'd try one more time, did you mean ttc until you get another bfp, or just ttc for another month? I'm still lurking on the mc thread so will be checking on you and the other lovely ladies. ((big hugs))

harassedinherpants · 29/03/2011 14:07

Oh no, we'll ttc until we get another bfp.....and then cross our fingers like crazy and try not to get excited/attached (yeah right!). I'll be back on the mc thread very shortly, just a bit of a struggle at the moment x

OP posts:
GwendolineMaryLacey · 29/03/2011 16:18

:( I'm sorry you're struggling although of course it's understandable that you are. Two in such a short space of time is unbelievably cruel. Take care xx

Collie2 · 04/04/2011 16:58

Just checking in on Harassed hope you're doing ok lovely? xxx

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