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Miscarrying after scan revealed mmc - will I still get an erpc?

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digitalgirl · 10/03/2011 07:23

My mmc was discovered Tuesday. It's my fourth mc but the first time they've classified it as mmc. Previously my body has always miscarried completely naturally and I expect it has already started to this time as the bleeding has started to get heavy.

However I am already booked in for an erpc this afternoon as I was told this is the only way they can karyotype the baby to check for genetic abnormalities. As I've had all the standard rmc tests (all clear) this is the only test left that the nhs will do. So despite knowing I don't 'need' an erpc I still want it. Will they turn me away if I have already started bleeding?

My other option is to hope I pass the sac during office hours so I can catch it and take it to the hospital. They won't accept it if I pass it overnight.

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mumatron · 10/03/2011 07:28

Phone and check.

They should do it but every hospital is different.

Good luck for later.

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