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10days after erpc and still + hpt

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minmooch · 14/02/2011 18:02

As the title says 10 days after erpc I have done a cheapie hot test mid afternoon after loads of cups of tea. Hpt still +. I thought bcc levels went quickly after erpc.

Anyone else had this?

OP posts:
kat2504 · 14/02/2011 18:04

Yes, it took two weeks for me to get a negative result. Obviously after a while you'd need to get it checked out in case there is placental tissue left behind. Give it another week or two I'd say.

Sorry for your loss and hope you are coping alright.

minmooch · 14/02/2011 18:04

Oh also for the first 4 days I did not bleed. Now on day 10 and bleeding deep red blood, not alot but need to wear a pad. Sorry tmi.

Wondering if I have retained some products. Am in no pain and no smell to discharge so not worried about infection.

OP posts:
kat2504 · 14/02/2011 19:04

If you are bleeding then you may well pass any leftover products. I did within a week. Sounds good if you don't have pain or signs of infection so try to be patient and hopefully it will all be over soon.

minmooch · 14/02/2011 19:09

You would think I know by now - this is my 8 th miscarriage but they have all been different :-(

Thanks for your response.

OP posts:
Coconutfeet · 14/02/2011 21:19

Sorry for all your losses.

I think it also depends how far along your were. I had an erpc on Jan 29th and was still testing (strongly) positive last Friday on an internet cheapie. I was 9+5 (but had a blighted ovum). It's horribly depressing when that line comes up isn't it. I'm going to give it another week or so and then ask to be checked out if it's still positive.

I really hope it's all over for us soon.

minmooch · 14/02/2011 21:36

Yes coconut for the first time in 3 1/2 years I wanted to see a negative. Was very surprised to see it come up positive very quickly and after loads of drink :-(. As you say let's hope it's all over for us both soon so we can start all over again

OP posts:
naughtyds · 14/02/2011 21:46

hi minm and coconut,

really sorry for your losses. i had erpc (was 11.5wks) in december and didnt get a bfn until 3 weeks after erpc.

hope that helps you know it's prob al quite normal

Coconutfeet · 15/02/2011 18:47

That does help naughty ds, thanks.

I was wondering because I got a BFN after 12 days with a previous mc ( at 10 weeks) but that was a natural mc so I wonder if the levels drop faster or something.

emptyshell · 16/02/2011 14:09

Took me over 5 weeks, then over 2 months for periods to return, last month or so of them have been very wonky, incredibly short and I strongly suspect non-ovulatory, seems to only be this month's that's looking remotely normal (but still possibly with a mild luteal phase defect).

But by the time they got their act together and concluded it was definitely a missed miscarriage (we had about a month of rescans before hope was lost completely) it was getting near to 12 weeks gone, and it was a twin pregnancy anyway.

Ring the EPAU if you're concerned - mine were going to rescan me if I hadn't got a negative test after about 6 weeks. I definitely ran to the longer side of normality and there's naff all guidance out there about what is and isn't right.

ZucchiniPie · 18/02/2011 14:18

empty shell, three weeks after my ERPC I fainted from very severe abdominal pain and had to go to A&E (it was never clearly what caused this by the way) and when they checked me out, it turned out I had hcg in my system (level was 26, which dropped to 24 two days later).

However, six days later my period appeared to start, and to check it wasn't something left over from the MC, they scanned me, revealing that I had ovulated and it was indeed a period!

In other words, I'd ovulated two weeks after my ERPC with hcg still in my system!

I asked the consultant whether this might be something that more women have than they realise and she said it was possible - it's just most people aren't being tested for hcg and/or being scanned to check for ovulation so soon after a MC/ERPC.

Anyway, not sure if that's at all reassuring but you may find your body is getting back to normal in a slightly different way to the norm.

ZucchiniPie · 18/02/2011 14:20

Sorry, I meant to address that to minmooch, not empty shell Blush

Loopymumsy · 18/02/2011 18:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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