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GRAPHIC question. Bleeding after medical management

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hairylights · 14/02/2011 15:07

My periods are usually heavy deep red and clotty (like small pieces of raw liver).

Yesterday I had medical management and passed the sac.

Today I'm bleeding heavily and I have small bits that look more like cooked liver.

Is this anything to worry about?

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 14/02/2011 15:15

That sounds OK - sort of greyish right ? I had that with my natural miscarriage.

I'm so sorry you are going through this

hairylights · 14/02/2011 15:26

Thanks CMOT - yes kind of grey ish. I've had erpc before, and they did a complete evac so it was just very light blood last time, so not sure what is 'normal'.

Bleeding is a bit heavier than a normal period and I feel slightly light headed, but I think I am ok.

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 14/02/2011 15:29

I'm sure they told you, but the 'trigger' point for blood loss is if you are filling a pad in an hour or less - in that case you need to go to hospital. Otherwise, lie down and rest.

hairylights · 14/02/2011 15:37

They didn't tell me that they just said come in if I bleed heavier than a normal period or have pain. I don't feel like I need to go in tho. Thanks again.

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pecka33 · 14/02/2011 15:43

hi Hairy, sorry sorry your going through this, ive seen you on a couple of threads before, isnt this your third time?? you poor thing, how terrible.
i had a mmc back in novemeber and mine ended pretty simular to what your going through, like numerous clots rather than two large ones, i didnt look in the toilet after because i just couldnt...
i did bleed quite heavyly for around 12 hours, over night and then it was all over.
the bleeding was more than a pad an hour when i was going through the mc but i was told that was all normal, what she did say (mw) was as i fainted twice i should of gone to a&e because i lost too much blood.
hopefully this wont happen to you, fingers crossed its all over asap and you can get on with the emotional recovery. x

hairylights · 14/02/2011 15:51

Thanks pecka. Yes it's my third (all three within 10 months).The first rush of blood brought the sac out yesterday so I'm guessing it's just the process of the lining coming away now.

OP posts:
pecka33 · 14/02/2011 16:17

god thats terrible, im assuming there going to do some tests now to establish whats going on? poor you, my mmc in sept was my first and havent managed to get pregnant since, so fingres crossed it was just one and i dont have to go through it again, im not sure i could...

hairylights · 14/02/2011 16:22

Sorry for your loss :( hard isn't it!

Yes now that I've lost three i will be tested so ttc is off the agenda til then.

OP posts:
pecka33 · 14/02/2011 16:41

come join us on the ttc after mc thread when your ready, imsure you,l fit in well.

hairylights · 14/02/2011 16:45

Thanks Pecka I will. We're stopping TTC until the testing is done as I don't want to take the risk again, and time is not on our side (I'm forty two).

OP posts:
milkyway2007 · 14/02/2011 22:07

Hey Hairy - I am the total opposite to you, and am worried too. After I passed the sac at the hospital my bleeding went completely down, and I had very light bleeding for about 3 days and then it kind of stopped at 5 days. Now its been nearly 2 weeks and I just have lots of spotting brown blood and thats it. I am worried I didnt bleed enough, so am going to take a pg test on weds to see what it says.
I dont think bleeding with clots is anything to worry about - the lining can be pretty thick. My midwife told me as long as you dont soak pads within half an hour to an hour then you are fine. Also, I told her I wasnt bleeding heavily and she said every woman is different, so try not to worry.

Hope you're okay xx

Worriedmi · 22/12/2017 18:27

I had a medically managed miscarage yesterday took the pills about 11 yesterday i had pains by about 6pm i went to the loo and if felt like i had losse stool a tiny bit of blood tho? Today in had a small spot in a pad over night and thats it im a bit worried? Is this roght?

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