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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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ilovepanda · 09/02/2011 18:19

sorry me again . EPAU have not been good at returning my calls and I dont know where else to turn.
I had low HCG on sat night and some spotting . terrible cramping pains and aches . Monday hospital confirmed hcg was back down to 33 .. and that I had miscarried . I have had spotting only for 1 week . nothing even close to what I would usually have on even one day of a normal period over the entire week. ( sorry if tmi ! ) as of yesterday , no bleeding at all. Still a few cramping pains but again nothing terrible . Is the worst yet to come ? I havent been scanned and the EPAU seem utterly uninterested as the hcg was so low again . We are due to go on holiday for feb half term and Im worried that maybe there is more to come and im being naieve? Ive had two children and I am used to heavey periods . they say I have miscarried at 6weeks surely I should be having at the very least the amount of a normal period in blood loss ?

Confused and fed up .

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zuzkah · 09/02/2011 21:08

Sorry to hear they are letting you hang on like this. Not sure if I would be any help but as I see it, you should be internally scanned to confirm mc? I went through mmc in Dec after just a little bit of blood, no pain but not 'feeling' pregnant any more. My mw said to go to A&E for me to be scanned straight away (after 4 hours that's it). I guess that various hospitals do it differently. I can only talk about London.
If I where you, I would take a book and head to A&E. Do it during the day if you can. They will have to see you and will do internal scan, hopefully, to see if you miscarried naturally or if you will need any medical intervention. At least you will know what's going on! Good luck. x

ilovepanda · 09/02/2011 21:16

We ended up in a&e on saturday, our epau is open 24hrs as its part of a ward. So I saw them and wasn't powered any kind of scanning they said it would be too early to scan . I really don't understand, they write in my notes on monday miscarriage 6wks. But have arranged no follow up .I called and asked if I should contact my gp they said no need there is nothing anyone can do now he wil get a letter in a few weeks. I feel a litle abandoned tbh.
they have given no advice at all just to go home and rest if ifeel unwell and to go back if I think I have an infection, she actually said we only need to see you if you get a high temp.

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ilovepanda · 09/02/2011 21:17

offered not powered!! Damn you auto correct!

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crystalglasses · 09/02/2011 21:19

I'm so sorry. mc is not treated very seriously by the medical profession imo.

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