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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

3 (not consecutive) miscarriages, not sure how to deal with this one & scared to try again...

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Wellingtonia · 07/02/2011 17:49

I had a missed m/c in 2006 (7wks), normal preganancy and baby 2007, and miscarried again (twin, but one baby survived) in 2009. I had a missed m/c in Oct last year ( at 7+5) and today (at 7+6). My last m/c was really terrible, I ended up in A&E and close to blood transfusion, then ERPC to stop bleeding. I have to make a decision now how to manage this m/c. I'm terrified of going to hospital/general anesthetic etc, but equally scared of nearly bleeding to death at any random time if I left nature to its course - any advice would be really helpful as I don't know what to do for the best.
I said that if this pregnancy was unsuccesful we wouldn't try again, as it takes so much from you emotionally, but we so wanted to have 3 children and I am devasted (again). I'm 37 this year, not sure doctor would agree to any investigations given I have had 2 children and only two concurrent m/c's, is it worth the heartache to try again?

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junktrunk · 07/02/2011 18:24

Hi wellingtonia so sorry for your loss's i always belive that if you really want another child then i'ts better to try and risk it than to regret it in later life.
I had a late terminaton my baby boy had multicystic kidneys and was stilborn i then had a early m/c about 4 wks then i had a beautiful girl then i had another m/c @12 wks then i had another beautiful girl. so out of 5 P/g i got two girls that will do for me i'm 39 this year and for me thats enough but if i really wanted another baby i wouldn't let my past stop me !! i hope everything goes ok for you.

junktrunk · 07/02/2011 18:25

Sorry forgot to add that i try asprin with my last PG don't now if it made a differance but my girl was fine and well!!!

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