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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Please advise. Am i miscarrying?

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talking2walls · 04/02/2011 20:00

Hi. I did a test last weekend after recognising a few symptoms (although wasn't sure if I'd missed a period as they've been a bit erratic). Test came up positive and after a trip to the Dr worked out I'm around 5-6 weeks. The trouble is, tonight I've started bleeding. I'd always assumed when people spoke about spotting that it was exactly that...a ie spots of blood. This though, is like menstrual blood as if I've just come on and I've got a little period- like cramping. I've had two healthy pregnancies in the past and, to my sadness, an advised termination a few years ago. I've not experienced this at all before. Could the test have been wrong and my period was just late? (I've read this is quite uncommon) or am I losing little one? Please could anyone share with me?

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GwendolineMaryLacey · 04/02/2011 20:02

Unlikely the test was wrong but bleeding doesn't have to be the end at all. Do you have an Early Pregnancy Unit near you? If the bleeding keeps up and you're still worried you could head to A&E tomorrow but I'm not sure if they'd do anything at this stage.

Fingers crossed for you x

talking2walls · 04/02/2011 20:19

Thanks. I've tried ringing the EPU but they're only open Mon - Fri! I think all I can do for now is a bath and early night, try to relax about it for the time being. Thanks so much for replying and the good wishes.

OP posts:
GwendolineMaryLacey · 04/02/2011 20:21

Yes, bath and try to relax is a good idea if you can. Really, I've read so so many stories from women who thought it was all over, had a scan and all was fine. It really can be something and nothing. Let me know how you get on.

OracleInaCoracle · 04/02/2011 20:22

I wont lie, it is possible that you are mc-ing. but bleeding doesnt always mean that. I bled from 5w-21w when I was pg with ds, and he was fine. I just needed to rest. a lot. you can call NHS direct, or your OOH doc. they should be able to arrange a scan for you. good luck xxx

talking2walls · 04/02/2011 21:32

Hello again. I called nhs direct who put me on to my OOH dr. They were so helpful and spoke to the gynae registrar who said to get back in touch tonight if the bleeding and pain gets worse. If not but I'm still bleeding in the morning then I should phone them again and they'll arrange a scan for me. Thanks again, GwendolineMarylacey and lissielou, I feel a bit more optimistic now.X

OP posts:
OracleInaCoracle · 04/02/2011 21:34

good, Im glad that you have spoken to someone. rest up and try to stay positive xx

hwren · 07/02/2011 22:45

hello, I'm new and was hoping for some advice. I began what I thought was my regular period bang on time on the 31st. However, it was very light and pale. Normally, I'm very heavy and endure a lot of pain in advance and throughout with clotting (sorry!). It lasted until Thursday evening (3rd) which was much shorter than usual but I thought nothing of it. Then about a day and a half later on saturday (5th) I got extremely painful cramping and came on again very heavily and felt very light headed and lethargic. I'm beginning to wonder if it was possible I was in the early stages and have now miscarried? I'm really confused, any ideas? I would imagine I should see my GP?

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