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What follow up from GP/Midwife should I expect after a ERPC?

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Tokyotwist · 04/02/2011 13:26

I had an ERPC on Wednesday. The hosp confirmed they would inform my GP and send her my hosp notes, but what follow up should I expect if any?

Do I need to lead/arrange this myself or just wait for GP/midwife to contact me?

And who cancels all my future appointments?

Any advice would be very welcome.

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 04/02/2011 13:28

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Unfortunatly, there is no followup at all after an ERPC, but the midwife/hospital should cancel all the future appointments

Tokyotwist · 04/02/2011 13:31

Thanks, I thought the GP would want to have a chat at the very least but I guess this is so common they maybe do not see the need. Bit surprising really.

OP posts:
GwendolineMaryLacey · 04/02/2011 13:34

I;ve had no follow up after an ERPC 10 days ago (wasn't expecting any). I was given a copy of the letter that was sent to my GP after the initial scan and right at the bottom it said 'please cancel ante natal care at XX hospital'.

That's it. Over and done with. :(

silverangel · 04/02/2011 15:17

My ERPC was private and I had a check up with the consultant two weeks later, but she literally asked how I was doing, if I was still bleeding, which I wasnt and that was it. It was reassuring to see someone again though.

When my mmc was diagnosed after any emergency scan at the EPU they said they would then cancel all appointments with hospital m/w etc. Seven weeks later at what should have been my 20 week mw appt I got a call from them asking, in a not too polite way, about why I hadnt turned up for my appt. TBH when I told the mw I had miscarried she sounded mortified, but it cant be that difficult to tally up notes surely?! seemed incredibly insensitive.

GwendolineMaryLacey · 04/02/2011 15:53

I was getting calls from the hospital's automated service for about a week afterwards, asking me to enter 1 if I was able to attend x appointment. Because I had about 6 appointments (scan, booking and some diabetic clinic ones) the calls came thick and fast. Not nice.

harassedinherpants · 04/02/2011 16:46

None here either and it's nearly 3 weeks since my erpc. The only reason I've seen the doctor was because I got an infection so obviously needed antibiotics, and to get a sick note.

I was told by the hospital that my mw would call me a couple of days after erpc but she didn't, which was a shame because she was lovely and fab when mmc was diagnosed.

harassedinherpants · 04/02/2011 16:48

Oh actually I did have a call the day after my erpc from doctors receptionist to ask me to repeat my urine sample from the preg blood tests. Was not impressed to have to be explaining why I didn't need to, in floods of tears, and she was so embarassed!

hairyfairylights · 04/02/2011 17:22

Hi, I was called back to the hospital about six weeks after my ERPC to have a chat with the consultant to see if I was ok etc after the operation.

Loopymumsy · 06/02/2011 09:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

milkyway2007 · 06/02/2011 12:38

Hi, I am sorry for your loss. I wasn't given any follow up after my ERPC last March. I had to unfortunately cancel all my future appointments - but I couldnt bring myself to cancel the 12 week scan one, so I just left it.

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