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Fed up, confused... Ectopic/unknown location

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Tashy5 · 01/02/2011 10:03

Hi please help Ladies x
I had a miscarriage at 6wks 6/12/10
I had no period n found out i was pregnant again 19/01/11 i had strange cramping so went for bloods and scan/internal scan. They found nothing classed it as unknown location and suspected ectopic and cramps dissapeared. I have from then gone in for bloods every 48 hours and more internal scans which they find nothing. I did a digital preg test which said im 1-2wks so you would not find anything anyway. My hcgs are not doubling they are rising slowly and have been told my pregnancy is not viable and will miscarry. My hcgs are not dropping so not miscarrying yet they are around 144. I had some brown spotting then blood n now nothing. I have felt fine since 20/01/11. Ive been told to wait a week and go for bloods this thurs n another scan friday. I did a preg test today and still positive.
They are not telling what will happen if levels dont drop. Am i silly to have a tiny bit of hope my hcgs may rise more n i will be ok? :(

OP posts:
tobytoes · 01/02/2011 17:35

Hi Tashy5 Absolutely not silly.Id be the same.xxxx

olismum23 · 01/02/2011 17:37

Hi i just posted something similar not had a m/c before however my hcg is low and slow rising and i am hoping too please let me know how you get on hun xx

Tashy5 · 01/02/2011 18:01

Fingers crossed for you too olismum X how many weeks are you? Whats your thread called?

Thanks Tobytoes i gave up hope then it wasnt till i looked up some success stories of low rising hcgs i thought do u know what i feel fine n may be ok maybe the doctors are expecting to much too early. This waiting is a nightmare! Xx

OP posts:
olismum23 · 01/02/2011 19:00

Hi tashy it just "low hcg and not doubling" I know how you feel about the waiting its heartbreaking i just wish i knew :(, dont give up hope and i wont either let me know how you are getting on xxx

Tashy5 · 07/02/2011 08:34

Hiya i got blood results on friday my hcgs are now dropping so its a miscarriage. How did u get on olismum? As this is my 3rd mc in total me n my partner are going to have a break from trying... A good relaxing holiday is in order!

OP posts:
olismum23 · 11/02/2011 11:20

Im sorry to say Tashy i m/c on tuesday after seeing a heartbeat on the scan on friday it was heard to deal with just passed baby yesterday so thats been the worst of it. Its my first m/c i want to try again as soon as. I am glad you have your partner to take care of you hunny sending big (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

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