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Still have pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after ectopic

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daisytaylor · 22/01/2011 00:04

Hi all i am looking to see if anyone has experienced this. 2 weeks ago i found out my pregnancy was ectopic at 5 weeks and 4 days. I had emergency surgery the same day and my right tube was removed. I bled for one week from the day of the surgery and i still feel pregnant with feeling sick mostly in the evening, sore breats and very tired. I have had 4 mc's and normally my symptoms have gone pretty quickly but as this is the first time i have had an ectopic pregnancy i am not sure if this is normal. I also have an infection in 2 of my incisions now which i am taking 2 types of antibiotic for as one wasn't healing very well. The first infection started 2 days after surgery the 2nd a few days ago. Any input would be appreciated.

OP posts:
hairyfairylights · 22/01/2011 07:50

So sorry.

A couple of questions.

Are they certain it was a tubal ectopic. Did they confirm if there was anything in the tube?

Have you done a pregnancy test since? Was it negative?

daisytaylor · 22/01/2011 10:10

Hi hairyfairy yes they confirmed it through a scan. I asked them to show me and they showed me where my womb was and then where my baby was. When i had the surgery they said they could see it clearly as i asked cos i got a bit paranoid. They never saw anything in my womb although that did cross my mind. Ive not done a test yet as i have been told it can still be positive upto 2 weeks after.

OP posts:
hairyfairylights · 22/01/2011 10:14

Hi daisy.

I'm guessing as it could be still positive up to two weeks after, that could be why you are still having symptoms.

It's the HCG that causes the symptoms, and the HCG which is picked up on a pregnancy test - if I were you I'd be doing a test now, if it is positive still (ie: residual hormones) that's likely to be why you are still having symptoms.

daisytaylor · 22/01/2011 10:34

I know when i had my bloods done 2 days before they diagnosed it as ectopic my hcg came back at 4300. I think i will just have to wait it out and try a test in a few days.
Thank you for your help x

OP posts:
hairyfairylights · 22/01/2011 10:58

Good luck hon, with things returning to normal asap, it's a horrible thing to go through.

I had slow rising hcg during my first pregnancy (but it was very, very low, getting up to 180 in about 8 weeks!) but I had no clue what was going on. they suspect ectopic (but it was too small to see). In the end they gave me a drug to dissolve whatever it was, wherever it was, but I still dont' actually know if it was tubal or not.

Take it easy if you can and try not to worry too much. It must be really horrible still having symptoms.


daisytaylor · 23/01/2011 10:57

Hi hairyfairy thanks again for your replies. Well since talking about it things seems to be easing. I wonder if it is more in my head because it all happened so fast and its still sinking in. My breast's still hurt but i am showing signs of ovulating so i guess that maybe why. This is normal for me. I feel like i may have been clutching at straws a little too.
I am so sorry for what you have gone through, the unknown must have driven you mad. I know when i had my first scan and they couldn't find anything that was really hard to cope with. I think deep down i already knew though. I had a gut feeling it was in my tube.
All the best to you too, i hope all goes well in the future and i am always here if you want to chat x

OP posts:
hairyfairylights · 23/01/2011 12:29

Bless you. It's such a horrible time. Hope things get better for you very soon.

daisytaylor · 24/01/2011 19:10

Hi, just an update, i went to the doctors today as one of my incisions is causing problems and found that the stitches have burst and i now have an open wound. Although 2 and a half weeks on it should be healed, due to the infection it hasn't been able to. Anyway i called first and he asked me to do a test before i went up and it was positive although it wasn't a strong positive so he called the epau and i have to repeat the test in a week. Today i haven't been feeling well at all with a headache, feel sick and very tired all day and can't wait to get to bed. My doctor who i have to say has been fantastic has done what he can with my wound and i have to go back to the nurse on wednesday.

OP posts:
emlouise1 · 06/02/2015 09:05

Hi I know this is an old post but was just wondering how your story ended up? I had and eptopic removed from my right tube 2 weeks ago and still feel pregnant.

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