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possible missed miscarriage

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Lou9 · 19/01/2011 13:58

hello is there anybody that could offer some support, maybe someone who has or is experiencing the same nightmare that i am living right now... I WENT FOR A EARLY SCAN (9 weeks 2 days) last thursday, and was told they could see twins, but no heartbeats,they said i will have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan to see if there is any growth or heartbeats, they said they were only 4mm each in size,which is very small. A lady from gyneacology came through and took me to her department asked me to fill out a form, so there we were my husband my 14month son in this room waiting for her to give us some more information when she decided to come back in she gave me there number and said if i strted to bleed heavily go straight to A/E,then sent us on our way... Obviously very upset and confused, i have researched on this and sounds like i might have had missed miscarriage, I feel positive every now and again as I still feel pregnant, then I feel distraught and panicky the next, dont have any signs of m/c... Would apprieciate some friendly advice from somebody that knows about this subject please xx

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harassedinherpants · 19/01/2011 14:12

Oh I'm so sorry you're going through this.

I found I had a mmc on Friday after an early scan (10+1), and had an erpc yesterday.

I'm sure someone who knows more will be along soon, but didn't want to leave you unanswered.

Two weeks is an awfully long time to leave you hanging around like this wondering and worrying. Have you spoken to your mw? Mine has been a huge help, so please give her a call and see what she says.

Take care of yourself, it's not easy x

Lou9 · 19/01/2011 18:26

Thankyou harrasedinherants for your reply and so sorry to hear about your mmc, I have my 1st appointment with mw tomorrow, I hope it will help me get something sorted sooner, as I don't think I could handle another week of this, I have my 14month boy to keep me busy, but am starting to struggle with him as my mind is else where, will let you know how it goes with mw, once again Thankyou x

OP posts:
harassedinherpants · 19/01/2011 20:27

I think you should insist something is done sooner, I just don't think it's fair. I've seen a couple of people on here who have to wait for a 2nd scan, whereas I just had the one scan and they confirmed that the baby had died at 7 wks and I was 10wks. I don't know if it's to do with how far along you are, better to be safe than sorry. A mistake would be unthinkable.

I have a 4yr old dd, and yes I've had lots of tears, but you just have to keep going and keeping things as normal as possible for them.

Thinking of you x

kat2504 · 19/01/2011 20:51

I think if the size is less than 5mm they have to wait and see for a heartbeat. if it is bigger than 5mm, they should definitely be able to see cardiac activity.
To be honest, the size alone would be a worrying factor at 9 weeks. But then again these early scan measurements are not always reliable. To be honest it doesn't sound great and I'm sorry you are going through this.
Two weeks is a long wait. I had the same with my missed miscarriage except I did have a heartbeat (slow though) on the first scan. I had to go back two weeks later because the size was too small for dates. When I returned they confirmed the miscarriage.

Are you completely sure that your dates are reasonably right? I was, so I knew from the first scan it was not looking good.

I think two weeks is much too long so perhaps you could go to your EPU and see if they can help you. Couldn't they do blood tests and see if the levels are rising?

Maddikins · 19/01/2011 23:02

I had a scan at 11+4 last Monday after having some spotting and loss of pregnancy symptoms. The foetus measured approx 6 weeks and was under 5mm (although I was told that as a number of weeks had passed it may have shrunk). They would not discuss any options with me and I was told I had to be re-scanned in 10 days and if no growth they would then discuss options, and that I may miscarry in that time.

I'm going tomorrow for my scan and will be demanding an erpc if they do not offer one or try to get me to wait longer. I was sure of my dates and really do not see why I have been forced to wait. I have a 3 yr old dd and have no experience of miscarriage so have been expecting to suddenly start bleeding whilst out somewhere with my dd.

Lou9 re still feeling pregnant and no signs of miscarriage, my baby must have stopped growing at the latest 8 weeks but most likely 6 and although at 8 weeks the horrendous sickness I'd had suddenly eased off I still had other symptoms up until 10/11 weeks when I realised I did not feel pregnant at all anymore then had some slight spotting. I am now 13 weeks and have had no cramp and just very light spotting.

If you are sure of your dates I would try and push for an erpc (if thats what you want)and not wait the 2 weeks, unless you want to miscarry natuarlly.

UpsyDaisyDo · 20/01/2011 09:09

so sorry to hear you're going through this too. My story is very similar to others. I had some light bleeding about 10 days ago, had a vag scan the following day, told baby measured 4.9mm and no heartbeat. I knew in my heart that this was definitely a missed miscarriage as I was 100% certain of my dates and I would have been 13 weeks pg this week. The sonographer said it was hospital procedure to wait 10 days before scanning again to see if there had been growth. She booked me in for 7 days, which was tuesday. As I expected the baby's size had actually decreased.

I had my erpc yesterday.

I'd see if your mw can arrange an earlier scan. The waiting is horrible. xxxxxx

Lou9 · 20/01/2011 22:04

Today has been awful, I went to see m/w, she was lovely, she phoned hospital and spoke to someone who advised her to tell me I had missed m/c and that when go back on the 28th they will do a water sample to confirm this and then work out a careplan.. So yes I got very upset by this, wondering why they didn't tell me this at my last scan.. Then maybe I wouldn't have kept building my hopes up. I then asked m/w would I need an anti D because of my blood type. She phoned the hospital back again and spoke to someone else, who told her I will have another scan as they can't tell me it is mm/c as the babys only measured 4mm. So then my hopes were up again, can't bare this not knowing for sure... Thankyou all so much for the replys, will keep you informed as and when I know more xx

OP posts:
jaylee89 · 23/01/2011 18:36

awwww darling im so sorry your going through this im going through mc at the moment...but i wish you all the luck i have everything crossed for you.

please keep us imformed lots of hugs xxx

Greeninkmama · 23/01/2011 19:25

That sounds awful - and really incompetent of the hospital. I would say that the second person is the one to listen to, because they can't tell at a very early stage what is going on. I am glad you are having your mw's support. xx

sotough · 23/01/2011 19:29

hi there lou9 just wondering how you are? I would advise you to be as prepared as you can be, for this to be a missed miscarriage, and not to get your hopes up. it really doesn't sound good at all. having said that, my own experience and knowledge of first trimester miscarriage all relates to single pregnancies, not to twins, so perhaps there is something different about the growth rates in twin pregnancies. but if this was a single pregnancy there would be no way you should not be able to see a heartbeat by nine weeks..
it does sound like the advice you've been receiving is pretty chaotic, and it's horrible to go through this emotional roller coaster. when is your next scan? i would not even consider waiting two weeks - that's intolerable. my heart goes out to you - it's a horrible situation.

Lou9 · 24/01/2011 12:18

Hello everyone, I have phoned hospital today to see if I can have an earlier scan, they have said today instead of Friday. I feel panicky now, slightly giddy and short of breath. I still have no signs of m/c, not long now and I will no for sure, my scan is at 4pm... Thankyou all for the replys, will let you all no how it goes xxxx

OP posts:
harassedinherpants · 24/01/2011 15:27

Fingers x'd, thinking of you x

Lou9 · 24/01/2011 23:39

Once again hello to you all, I have had a scan today which showed 1 empty sac, the twins have disappeared :( was told to go to gynaecology. They took some blood samples but couldn't give any clear answers have said I will need to see a consultant, because of the time I went today, I now have to wait for them to get in touch tomorrow to make an appointment. But I now no there will be no baby/s. Will keep you all posted as and when I no more xx

OP posts:
jaylee89 · 26/01/2011 10:36

awww im so sorry hunni i had everything crossed for you!

keep us imformed be kind to yourself big hugs xxxx

Lou9 · 28/01/2011 09:35

Hello everyone :) just want to let you know what's been happening. Bare with me I not good with wording things... I recieved call back from gynaecology eventually tuesday tea time after I had kept phoning :( well any way I could not believe how cold she was (ward sister) just said you have miscarried and basically what do I want to do next, the 2 options naturally go back in 2 weeks or surgically ERPC in a week 1st feb, I said I kept getting a fluttery feeling like I did with my 14m boy, she said well you shouldn't be, I just wanted to get of the phone and said I will call them 2moro.. Well after sitting thinking about it, my conclusion was I felt like they treated me disgusting from the very 1st scan and no longer wanted any dealings with them at all.... By Tuesday night I started to bleed for the1st time so now knew it was a failed pregnancy for sure :( . ( I hope I am making sence xx) Wednesday I felt a lot better as I could accept things as they were, well by 7pm I had alot of discomfort, took 2 pain killers, however I felt very spaced out, by 11.15pm I decided to have another 2 pain killers hoping they would help this time, then went for a shower and was gonna go bed... Unfortanetally I began to lose big clots and alot of blood I was panicked by what was happening, my husband phoned me mum who said that was alot of blood, she phoned doctor who said go straight to A/E..well as you can imagine I did not want to go I had lost faith after being treated like I had... My mum insisted so I went, they have been lovely in A/E and the ward they put me on, I spoke to doctor yesterday who said on the scan it was still showing tissue, and if I go home I could have another heavy bleed, or have ERPC, he allowed me and my husband to chat 1st, we both agreed it would be best if I had ERPC done, late last night 11.30 I had it done.. Just waiting to see doc to see if I need blood transfusion, and then hopefully home later today... I need to say once again how lovely doctor and nurses have been over the past couple of days xxx

I would just like to say my heart goes out to all the ladys that have been through the loss of there babys, go easy on your selfs and give your self time xxxxx
Thankyou for taking the time to read my experience and sharing yours xxxx

OP posts:
jaylee89 · 28/01/2011 10:11

sorry you had to go through all this lou.
be kind to yourself and have lots of rest were all here if you need to talk about your feelings.

big hugs xxxxxx

harassedinherpants · 28/01/2011 11:55

Oh goodness Lou! So very sorry that youve had to go through such a traumatic time on top of losing your baby. Take care, lots of time and be kind to yourself x

GwendolineMaryLacey · 28/01/2011 12:33

What an awful time you've had. It's bad enough if it's straightforward as I have found. Fingers crossed for a quick physical recovery and hugs for the rest xx

Lou9 · 01/02/2011 13:48

Thankyou all so much xxx I am struggling at the moment, I have now come down with the flu, not sure if that is because I am vulnerable to illness due to so much blood loss, my husband is my rock right now and I feel so lucky to have him, I am hoping things will get easier as time goes on, but at the moment I can not face even going outside, but I promise to take the time out to allow myself time, I am very lucky as I have 14yr daughter and a baby boy who is 14m. Wish you all the best xxxxxxx

OP posts:
caz1323 · 02/02/2011 13:16

Hi I am so so sorry to hear your news and know exactly what you are going through. I went for a scan on Friday afternoon and had to have an internal scan they told me the baby had stopped growing a couple of days previous as there was no heartbeat and it was measuring just over 7mm. They informed me I was having a missed m/c. This is now my 7th m/c and finding it really hard and feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. They then took me back to the epu and spoke to the doctor there and like you I have been told that I have to wait 2 wks and come back for another scan and if nothing has happened then I will need an erpc. My next appointment is on the 11th Feb. They gave me a prescription for cefradine which is an antibiotic to prevent any infection, to me this does not make sense because I was only given a weeks worth and not 2 wks. I don't know about you but I still feel like I am pregnant, I still have very tender breasts, constant tiredness and sickness. This makes it a lot harder to deal with.
Please let me know how you get on. I am here if you need to ask any questions as I have been in this situation 6 times previously.
All the best

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