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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

10 weeks 5 days pregnant! Help

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KrissyLuvSam · 17/01/2011 17:02

So i'm 17 years old, i've had 3 previous miscarriages.. All around 7-8 weeks. But this pregnancy i've got past that, now i've started bleeding and it seems to be getting worse has anyone else had this problem and had a healthy baby? Please reassure me xx

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 17/01/2011 17:11

it can happen, for various reasons, that you can have a big bleed and baby is fine

but given your history I'd be cautious of raising your hopes too much

have you seen anyone about this?

KrissyLuvSam · 17/01/2011 17:17

Well I have spoke to my midwife, she said she advises me to take things easy and to just wait to see whats happening when I have my dating scan on the 31st. I cant help but feel hopeless xx

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JugglingMama · 17/01/2011 17:25

Sorry you are so worried Krissy. Its so traumatic. I would go to A&E if bleeding gets worse, at least you will know whats happening instead of having to wait another 2 weeks+. Im almost 6 weeks pgt, and have had 3 miscarraiges in 10 months last year, plus one years ago. I do have a beloved son who is 2 and a half. Im way older than you, so this is my last chance to give him a brother or sister..My first scan is the 26th and Im beyond terrified. Hope all works out for you.

KrissyLuvSam · 17/01/2011 17:28

Thankyou. And I hope all goes well with this pregnancy for you so you can give your son a brother or sister. Thank you again for the concern

OP posts:
JugglingMama · 17/01/2011 17:47

Take care and try to get an answer soon one way or the other. x

sotough · 17/01/2011 19:32

hi there krissy. I totally disagree with the advice your midwife has given you. she can't possibly have any experience of miscarriage, to suggest you wait another two weeks to find out if your pregnancy is viable! what a joke. taking it easy is unlikely to make any difference whatsoever to the outcome.
you have had three miscarriages - that is quite enough to justify getting you a scan as soon as possible. I would go to your GP tomorrow and ask for a scan as soon as it can be arranged. A+E don't always offer pregnancy scanning, so you are much better to go through the official channels, ie your doctor; and then to the early pregnancy assessment unit at your local hospital. unfortunately i don't think based on your history that the bleeding is likely to be a good sign, but nobody here can know that for sure. You deserve to know what's going on, and promptly.

sotough · 17/01/2011 19:35

PS - if this is, sadly, another miscarriages, it's time for you to ask for tests. they may try to fob you off because you're only 17. I don't actually know anything about miscarriage statistics among teenage women, but i suspect the rate is much lower than in older age groups. Therefore it is even more important you are checked out, or at least get to speak to an expert who can reassure you that there is nothing wrong.

harassedinherpants · 17/01/2011 19:36

I agree with sotough, she can't leave you hanging on like that.

Hope it works out for you x

thinkingpositive · 17/01/2011 19:37

Hi krissy
I would find the nearest EPU and go for a scan to see if everything is ok...
Good luck, thinking of you xxxx

thisisyesterday · 17/01/2011 19:38

krissy, your local hospital probably has an EPU (early pregnancy unit) you could try ringing and asking if they will see you.
some want you to be referred by a midwife or GP, but there are plenty (like mine) that will see you if you go in

KrissyLuvSam · 17/01/2011 22:53

Thanks guys. This really helps. I'm going to the doctors in morning and going to see if he will refer me. Fingers crossed all is well though and its just a scare! I want to give my son a little brother or sister xx

OP posts:
KrissyLuvSam · 17/01/2011 22:56

Thanks guys. This really helps. I'm going to the doctors in morning and going to see if he will refer me. Fingers crossed all is well though and its just a scare! I want to give my son a little brother or sister xx

OP posts:
kat2504 · 17/01/2011 23:27

sorry you are going through this Krissy, it must be very hard for you. I don't know about statistics for teenagers but it is rare for a woman of any age to have 4 mc in a row so I hope the doctors take you seriously and give you tests if need be.
Hopefully that will not be necessary. But do go to the epu and ask for a scan. You have already had a successful pregnancy so there is every hope that things will work out alright.
Unfortunately if you are early on then waiting a week or two is all they can do. Often the baby is not visible on a scan at that point. When I lost mine, I had an early scan and all they could tell me was that there was a baby but too small for dates and that I would have to come back 2 weeks later to see if it had grown. I believe blood tests can tell you something but to be honest, it is a waiting game and it is unbearably hard.
If you are past 8 weeks and sure of your dates a scan should give you better information. Fingers crossed for you xx

Kileyrs · 18/01/2011 03:27

Thinking of you and wishing you the best xxxx

jaylee89 · 18/01/2011 09:36

all the best hun xxxx

JugglingMama · 19/01/2011 16:12

any news? hope everything is ok?xx

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