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What to tell work???

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harassedinherpants · 15/01/2011 16:48

Going in for an erpc after mmc was discovered yesterday, but what the hell do I tell work???

I work with lots of men, I don't really want everyone knowing my business and my boss wouldn't have been exactly chuffed at me having to go on mat leave. Exact opposite actually!!

Any idea how long I'll need to take off? I also have a 4yr old, so cant sit around resting all day iykwim.

OP posts:
PenguinFeet1 · 15/01/2011 16:51

Tell them you are having to have a gynaecological procedure. I doubt many men would enquire further. The time you will need off after will depend on what your job is. Sorry you're having to go through this.

UpsyDaisyDo · 15/01/2011 16:57

harrassed I agree with penguin. You're not being dishonest and I'm sure your GP will back you up on your sick note.

harassedinherpants · 15/01/2011 17:12

Thank you both, that was what I was thinking too. I said I had a tummy bug on Friday, but he can hardly ask too many questions can he?!

Upsy we're just answering each other on 3 threads lol x

OP posts:
UpsyDaisyDo · 15/01/2011 17:18

I know! I'm stuck to my lap top at the moment. Can't motivate myself to do anything else. Mumsnet's keeping me sane(ish) xx

harassedinherpants · 15/01/2011 17:41

I'm stuck on the sofa, just can't be arsed! I have 4yr old dd so dh put Cats & Dogs 2 on from On Demand thingy, and I've watched it twice now......... Although it's her that's keeping me sane I have to say xx

OP posts:
Natalie2011 · 15/01/2011 17:56

hiya, legally they're not allowed to harrass you for details, so you're covered. just say you're not well - leave at that even if they press you which they won't i'm sure. i'm sure you're the kind of person that doesn't take much time off work, otherwise you'd not be worrying, so they'll understand that everyone is really ill every now and then.

look after yourself and don't feel the need to explain to anyone - it's none of their business xxx

chubbymummy · 15/01/2011 18:05

Sorry you're going through this. When I had my ERPC's I think the doctor simply wrote "Gynecological" on my sick note both times. I do remember her asking what I wanted them to write but I wasn't really bothered so left it up to them.
You need at least 24 hours off work afterwards due to the anasthetic (sp?) but I would advise you take at least a week as you will bleed heavily afterwards (think maternity pads). You will also be emotional and feel quite weak if you're anything like me.

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