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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Oh no not another MC

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pigletmania · 15/01/2011 10:49

I am 7 weeks at the moment, we have tried for about a year since the other MC last December, so quite a while. I have started very lightly bleeding on off not heavy since Thursday afternoon. Grrrr why does everything have to go wrong, I am just waiting for the big heavy period like blood to come soon, but dont feel any cramping or feel the open type sensation down below like I did with last years MC. Last year it was just a continuous gush, I do still feel pg and i have so hope. But if its not meant to be i just want it all to happen soon so i can move on, let my body rest and try again.

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Alibobster · 15/01/2011 11:04

Oh piglet i'm sorry to hear this but remember bleeding is not always a sign that things are going to go wrong. There are lots of threads on here about women bleeding in pregnancy. I hope the bleeding stops but you should get it checked out as soon as you can.

pigletmania · 15/01/2011 11:31

I am just leaving to nature for now and will wait to see what will happen.There is nothing they can do to stop the mc if its meant to happen than it will.

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