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Body odour whilst miscarrying? Normal or not?

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PureBloodMuggle · 14/01/2011 12:42

I'm currently miscarrying and have noticed (though DH says he hasn't) I've now got an unusual BO, it's not particular offensive or anything (in as much as not one else seems to smell it) but to me it's strong and not normal.

I am washing and just wanted to know is it something that occurring during miscarriage or is it just something that has changed in me?

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ANTagony · 14/01/2011 12:46

So sorry to hear your loss. You've probably still got lots of pregnancy hormones kicking around your body whilst it adjusts and rebalances itself. Some of those hormones are probably stimulating a significantly heightened sense of smell.

Look after yourself and try not to worry if your husband can't smell it I'm sure you're not going to be offending people by any smell.

PureBloodMuggle · 14/01/2011 19:42

I never thought about the increased sense of smell. hopefully it is that.


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littlelaura30 · 19/01/2011 07:45

I get you! I had the same and commented to dh it turned out mine was an infection so get antibioticsjust in case! It's not an offensive smell but I was-aware of it myself!

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