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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

MMC - which option??

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harassedinherpants · 14/01/2011 11:31

I've just got back from epu after a vaginal scan. Unfortuntately baby stopped growing 3 weeks ago at 7wks, and there's no heartbeat.

I've come home to decide which option: wait and see, tablets at home or surgically.

I've no idea what to do, except I don't want to just leave it as I'm terrified of anything starting at work. Veering towards surgical just to get it over with, but may be a bit of a wait.

Help, please, I'm don't know what to do Sad.

OP posts:
RunningOutOfIdeas · 14/01/2011 11:50

I am so sorry you are in this situation. I had a mmc in November. Baby stopped growing at about 7 weeks - found out at 12 week scan. I chose the surgical option. I felt that since my body hadn't worked out what to do over the previous 5 weeks it was better to sort it out quickly.

harassedinherpants · 14/01/2011 12:04

Thanks Running,sorry you've had to go through this too.

I've just spoken to my mw, and decided to go down the surgical route too. She's sorting it all out and I'm just waiting for her to call me back.

OP posts:
RunningOutOfIdeas · 14/01/2011 14:22

Hope you get a date soon. I had mine on 18 November. I have just had my first proper AF since then so now we can start TTC again.

NewImprovedJollster · 14/01/2011 15:29

Have had 2 ERPCs - physical recovery is really quick, and you are able to start moving on more quickly. Sorry you are in this position :(.

FWIW I have also MC naturally whilst waiting for surgery, and that was ok too (my bean was a bit bigger than yours), so don't be too anxious if that's what starts to happen.

UpsyDaisyDo · 14/01/2011 15:57

I found out on tuesday that I've had a mmc. got to wait until next tuesday though to be scanned again before they'll offer any intervention. I've already decided I want surgery. My body has held on to this pregancy for at least 6 weeks already with - I don't want to wait any longer. I've been bleeding since monday - like a light period - but its stopped today so I know the pregnancy is still there. So sorry that you're in this situation as well. I can totally sympathise what you're going through. Its horrible xx

Alibobster · 14/01/2011 20:30

Harrased and Upsydaisy I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. It's very unfair.

Harrassed I have had 4 mc and 2 ERPC's. The surgical procedure was straightforward and emotionally much, much easier than mc naturally.

Maddikins · 15/01/2011 10:48

I found out I'd had a mmc last Monday (stopped growing around 6wks, I should be 12+3). I have had barely any spotting and I can't see anything happening anytime soon. I really want to have an ERPC but have to wait till I am rescanned next Thursday.

I had a Drs appt yesterday but it wasn't much help really, she said medically and regards ttc it made no difference if I had a natural or medical miscarriage. I just feel that I want it all over with.

Alibobster · 15/01/2011 11:00

Maddikins, what an awful wait for you, I'm so sorry; it's just prolonging the agony for you. I found out I had a mmc on the 29/12 and had an ERPC the next day. I guess every hospital just has different procedures Sad

harassedinherpants · 15/01/2011 16:42

Well I'm going in on Tuesday for my erpc. Dreading it, but also want it to come to get it over with. Since I've known yesterday, it feels like some of my prg symptoms are subsiding and I've had lots of crampy pains. I hope it doesn't start on it's own as I don't know if I could cope.

Maddikins- so sorry. That's an awfully long wait for you Sad.

Upsydaisy - so sorry for you too. Why do they want to prolong the agony?!! Thats terrible.

One of the worst things I've had to do was tell my best friend who's due 2 days before me. I know she feels absolutely terrible, but I don't want her to. I don't want any old baby, I want mine iykwim.

Thanks for all your messages ladies, it really does help.

OP posts:
UpsyDaisyDo · 15/01/2011 16:54

I had pain during the day on thursday harassed it went and the bleeding stopped on friday but now I'm starting to feel very mild paid again. I feel the same as you - I don't want this to happen naturally.

It does feel as though they are prolonging the agony but apparently its hospital procedure to rescan again if the baby measures to small for there to be a heartbeat. Even though my LMP was 16th Oct they still treat it as a possible early pg.

Maddikins · 15/01/2011 18:18

If I could have been booked straight in to have an ERPC last week I would have, it is awful just waiting. I have had no pregnancy symptoms for almost 2 weeks now and just want it all over with. I might try ringing epau on Monday and see if there is any way I can have an ERPC done before waiting for another scan.

Harrassed - I know how you feel re telling your pregnant friend. Two of my best friends are pregnant, one due 2 months before my edd and the other 2 months after. A girl I work with is due the same date I was and dps friends wife is pregnant. It seems like everyone is, I just hope I can ttc again soon, it only took 2 cycles this time so I'm hoping the same will happen again.

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