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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2nd Period 12 days early after Miscarriage is this normal?

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JezzaJ9 · 13/01/2011 13:25

I had a misscarrage on 25/11/10 at 8.5weeks and I had a period exactly 30 days later. So I assumed I was getting back to normal. I did not have a DnC it happened by itself and I was monitored by the EPU. We have continued to have sex without using protection as we thought we would let nature take its course, but I have now just started bleeding again 12 days before I would be due for my period. Is this normal, I have looked on the internet but does not really give you any info. Any advice would be great.



OP posts:
belgo · 13/01/2011 13:27

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

Did you have a scan to confirm the mc was complete? Have you had any problems since then?

Could this new bleeding be implantation bleeding if you are possibly pregnant?

If it continues or if you start to feel unwell, I think you should see your GP.

JezzaJ9 · 13/01/2011 13:31

Thank you.

Yes had a scan to confirm it was complete 2 weeks after I was amazed when my period came like clockwork as they said to look out for.

I think it makes me nervous to think it may be an implantation bleed but I will monitor it and go to my GP if it continues.

OP posts:
jellybeans · 13/01/2011 13:31

Hi I am very sorry for your loss. I had 4 losses, 2 early and 2 late. In 1 of them my period started 2 weeks after my loss. I was surprised but it was fine. In one of my late losses it took ages to start. I would check into it just to be sure and especially if you have very heavy bleeding or pain. But it can be normal.

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