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Pain after ERPC

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banana87 · 08/01/2011 16:11

Writing this on behalf of a friend. She had a ERPC Wednesday and says she is having severe pain, even with co-codamol. No fever but is having hot flushes. I told her to get to A&E. Is this right or am I being a hypochondriac?

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 08/01/2011 16:38

I think you are right banana

pain is one of the symptoms of an infection, having an untreated infection can lead to infertility and in rare cases death!

Other symptoms are
smelly discharge

but even in you only have ONE symptom, you should get checked out. A course of antibiotics will fix it so its just not worth ignoring IMO.

You should tell her to do an HPT too, if its positive this could indicate retained tissue which could be a cause of the infection.

Hope she is OK. xxx

banana87 · 08/01/2011 17:15

Thanks Mummy. Her ERPC was only Wed so no doubt she would have a positive HPT anyway, as hormones hang around for up to 4 weeks. She is headed to hospital, just hope they take her seriously!

OP posts:
MummyAbroad · 08/01/2011 17:52

oh yes good point. I didnt realise that up to 4 weeks is still considered normal though, that does seem a really long time.

banana87 · 08/01/2011 18:48

Thats the average. That is why they say 6 weeks for your first period is average too, because at 4 weeks your HCG returns to normal and you ovulate, then having a period 2 weeks later. Obviously this varies woman to woman. In 2 of my ERPC's I had my period 4 weeks later, and the latest one, even with retained tissue, was after 6-7 weeks.

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ShowOfHands · 08/01/2011 18:57

Did she not get any preventative antibiotics? Here they give them as a matter of course as incidences of post op infections are high following erpc.

Hope she feels better soon. Definitely the right advice. I'm sorry for her, not nice on top of the actual procedure.

banana87 · 08/01/2011 19:06

I have never had preventative antibiotics here. They always say they give them in theatre but I have never had any to take home.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 08/01/2011 19:08

I was prescribed them even before I went in for the op. I was quite surprised but the hospital said that they have drastically cut down the cases of post op infection (and the ensuing problems they cause).

banana87 · 10/01/2011 09:54

Well she had to see a trainee dr as there was only one gynae who was caught up in emergencies. Trainee just gave her stronger painkillers and asked her to come for a scan today Shock

OP posts:
Velvetcu · 15/01/2011 14:27

I was in severe pain for 2 weeks after my ERPC - I didn't have an infection, was just told that some women have stronger contractions than others aftwerwards. I was alternating 2 paracetamol, 2 ibuprofen every 2 hours.

It really is awful so I feel for your friend! Make sure someone is doing shopping, washing, cooking for her.

littlelaura30 · 19/01/2011 07:41

I'm just on the mend from mine 2 weeks ago, I had-severe pains and cramping bleeding wasn't overly heavy but it did smell! I also got really sharp pains up my back and anal area. Went back to my gp and he gave me amoxicillN and metroconziole 2 antibiotics. I thought I'd be back at work in 3 days I'm now into 3 weeks off! Bleeding hAs eased but still cramping slightly. So do get antibiotics it will do no harm! Good luck and seriously take it easy bed rest is a must otherwise you'll be healing-longer!

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