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Not sure if this is another mc

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daisytaylor · 02/01/2011 12:14

Hi all, some of you may remember me from a year ago. I had a really long and complicated mmc that finally came to an end after 10 weeks. I also mc 2 years previous to that with one in my tube and one in my womb. I found out 2 days before xmas that i am pregnant again but on new years eve i went to the toilet and found some brown discharge. Very small amount and some very mild period type pain. Then last night i lost a small amount of pink discharge and then some red blood stained discharge. I got very upset last night and my dh came home from his night shift. This morning i have been getting mild period type pain again and some more brown and blood stained discharge but very light. I am about 5 weeks pregnant and this will be my 5th mc but i have had healthy pregnancies. I think i have pretty much concluded that this is yet another mc and will now be 3 in a row since i had my children. My youngest is now 5. Any advice or views would be appreciated. Thank you.

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mrsmillsfanclub · 02/01/2011 13:19

So sorry for all that you've been through. unfortunately there is very little you can do at this early stage apart from contacting your epu and asking them to run blood tests for hcg levels, etc.
I know how devastating it is being in this limbo having gone through it 3 times myself. Bank holiday is also an awful time to be like this as everywhere is closed till tuesday. If you feel really unwell, or suddenly start to lose a lot of blood get to a&e, otherwise its just a case of waiting till tuesday.
Fingers crossed that this is nothing, and that your pregnancy continues with no problems. Thinking of you x

daisytaylor · 02/01/2011 13:26

Hi mrsmillsfanclub
Thank you for your reply, i have been getting more period pain in the last hour and more discharge. I am going to see how things go but if it gets bad then i will go to a&e but if i can hold out i will as my eldest daughter has asd and last time she got very upset. We haven't told the kids as we were worried this may happen again. Thanks again for your kind words. I will keep you updated x

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mrsmillsfanclub · 02/01/2011 16:37

Yes, do keep us informed. Know what you mean about keeping it from your children, my dd witnessed the first 2 and even worse my dh was working away both times, so it was just the 2 of us. I didn't mention the latest mc, she is 13yr and too young to have to worry about this for a third time.
Take care of yourself. x

daisytaylor · 02/01/2011 20:15

Hi just an update, i am now bleeding and its heavy like a period and i am getting pains too so now i am quite sure this is yet another miscarriage.

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Alibobster · 02/01/2011 21:09

I'm so sorry to hear that Daisy x

daisytaylor · 03/01/2011 14:53

I am now confused as bleeding stopped last night. I having been getting mild pains all day but still nothing else. I am now wondering if this could be a mmc again. I am going to go to the epau on wednesday morning when the kids are at school and see if they can scan me but i am only 5 weeks so i think it is too early. I will be 5+3 on wednesday. Anhyone else had a scan this early?

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dollylolly · 03/01/2011 18:52

hi just read through this post i had a scan at 6 weeks and seen heartbeat but they did say if they cannot see anything they can give you a internal scan..unfortunatly mine was a mmc too discovered at 10 and a half weeks..good luck and hope everything is ok

daisytaylor · 04/01/2011 10:21

Another update on whats happening now. I still haven't had anymore bleeding but have now developed a mild pain in my right side which is starting to worry me so as soon as my hubby wakes up from his night shift i am off to the hospital. I have no idea what is going on with my body.

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dollylolly · 04/01/2011 14:34

good luck daisytaylor hope everything is ok

daisytaylor · 04/01/2011 15:17

Just got back from the hospital and i'm none the wiser. I have to say i am not too happy either. I was given another test to make sure and yes still pregnant. I was then given an internal examination which showed that my cervix is closed but she said there was alot of mucus around it which she has to clear away to see properly but i was told this is normal. I was told that i have the starting of an infection but wasn't offered any treatment so i have just phoned and left a message with my gp and waiting for a call back. I asked for a blood test and was told there was no point as it wouldn't tell me anything. I was then told to come back next thursday as one now wouldn't show anything so i am really not too happy. Surely a blood test would have been a good idea. I am really tempted to have a private scan on friday.

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mrsmillsfanclub · 04/01/2011 15:26

Oh poor you. Im suprised they didn't suggest a blood test to monitor your hcg levels. They earliest I've had a scan was just 6 weeks. Could your gp arrange for some bloods to be taken in the meantime?
I know just how you feel, being in limbo like this is cruel and painful.
Take care of yourself, and push your gp to do more. I paid for a private scan with my second mc as I couldn't stand waiting any longer.

daisytaylor · 04/01/2011 18:58

Hi thank you for your kind words. I have spoken to my gp now and he said that as it is only the start of an infection and probably mild not to worry right now. I trust his judgement as he has always been very good but he did say that if i felt that it was getting worse to come in and see him. He also said that i should go back to the epau if i am worried. I have tonight started to bleed again but only light with very mild pain. This is now starting to drive me mad and i just have no idea what is going on.

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Greeninkmama · 04/01/2011 19:23

Daisy, just want to send my sympathies - waiting is hideous. I don't think they can see much until six weeks at the earliest (seven is better). I would really rest if I were you, and take good care of yourself.

daisytaylor · 04/01/2011 19:37

I will thank you for your support.

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daisytaylor · 05/01/2011 22:56

Hi just another update, i was rushed into hospital at 2am this morning with severe pain in my lower right side. They said my blood pressure was 185/115 so not good but i was in alot of pain. I was admitted and put on a drip and then scanned at 8.30am. As i am only 5+2 they couldn't see anything. My left tube was clear but they couldn't see the right one very well but they said there didn't seem to be any obvious signs of ectopic so keeping everything crossed. Pain has now eased although still niggling. They let me come home after taking some blood and i have to go back friday to give more to see what my hormone levels are. I am still bleeding lightly on and off and have another scan booked for next week.

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dollylolly · 06/01/2011 22:47

hi again daisytaylor hope you are ok!! Just wanted to give you some hope, my sister experianced the same as you are doing now as i said before and she ended up getting taken to theatre with a suspected eptopic but they put a camera through her belly button to see why she was bleeding and gettin pain, they said it was just one of those things and my sister is due for her 20week scan on 20th jan so hopefully everything will be fine, take care x

Greeninkmama · 06/01/2011 22:50

Thinking of you daisytaylor. xx

daisytaylor · 06/01/2011 22:58

Hi thank you all so much, i have posted again today hcg 4000 at 5 weeks. The epau called me today and want to go for a scan in the morning. I have to admit i am petrified but no pain so prayer it isn't in my tube. I will be having another blood test tomorrow too. Thank you for your support i think i would go crazy if i didn't have people to talk to. I will update again tomorrow when i get home xx

dollylolly what a lovely story, just goes to show there really is hope. Congratulations to your sister xx

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Greeninkmama · 07/01/2011 21:25

Hope you are okay daisy.xx

daisytaylor · 09/01/2011 10:50

Hi all just thought i would give an update. Had my scan friday morning and they found that it was ectopic so had emergency sergery the same day and they took the tube away. I am now home and in some pain but doing ok. It has been an emotional and difficult time but i am coping very well now i am home. I took the decision to have my other tube clipped as i feel i can't cope with this anymore or risk going through this again.I feel after 4 mc and now an ectopic my body has been through enough now. I am lucky to already beautiful healthy children and i have no regrets with my decision. Thank you for all your support and i will still becoming on here to support other mums xx

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Greeninkmama · 09/01/2011 15:35

So sorry to hear your news daisytaylor. You sound in a very good place with your decision. All the very best to you. xx

dollylolly · 09/01/2011 17:04

Hi daisytaylor im so sorry for your loss i hope you return to full health xxx

daisytaylor · 11/01/2011 19:32

Thank you all so much, i am ok. Have an infection in one of my incisions at the moment but i am on antibiotics and painkillers so hopefully it will clear up soon.

You have all been so supportive and i am very greatfull. It has really helped being able to come and talk about everything x

OP posts:
Greeninkmama · 12/01/2011 17:40

Smile and good luck.

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