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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

mmc....chances of it happening again?

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dollylolly · 31/12/2010 17:03

Hi all iv posted quite alot on here about various things over the past couple of months but this is the only site i find usefull and able to talk to people who have been or are in the same situation i have been in, in september of this year i had a mmc with my first pregnancy :( it was a very difficult time for me as i got told that once you see babys heartbeat there only a 5% chance of this happening, well i guess i was one of the unlucky ones and my baby died at 10 and a half weeks...I have decided to start trying again but im wondering what are the chances of this happening again because my docs said a very high percentage of women lose there first pregnancy anyway....Im so scared this will happen again and was just wondering because iv already had a mc am less likely to have this happen again? Any advise welcome thanks x

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RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer · 31/12/2010 17:18

Hi dolly really sorry to hear about your loss :( I was also one of the unlucky people that saw a heartbeat and then lose the baby.

I hang around on the 'just MC and ready to try again' thread, and there are lots of lovely ladies on there that had a MC and then have gone on to have successful pregnancies which is very reassuring to hear. They are also very good at holding your hand when you're feeling freaked out by trying again after a MC, and have been a huge support to me since my MC. All the best xx

dollylolly · 31/12/2010 17:24

Thank you for your reply RudolfThePinkNoseReindeer i just get so angry because i did everything right, took the tablets, didnt smoke or drink, ate healthy and this happened and i know a couple of people that are pregnant now who live on crisps, pop and fags and there babies are perfectly normal :( xx

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RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer · 31/12/2010 17:36

I know hun, it's not at all fair. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, and all you can really do is try again when you're ready and fingers crossed it will work out better for you next time. I felt exactly the same, and I have started having tests privately so that I can get any obvious stuff ruled out or fixed, and hopefully when I get pregnant next time I can relax and believe in the "it's just random bad luck" theory. Hop over onto this thread if you ever want any support or some understanding people to rant at!

The only other insight I can give you is that when you talk about miscarriage in RL, there's a surprisingly large number of people that have experienced it, but because it's not talked about, no-one realises quite how sadly common it seems to be. I've also read some brilliant books that have really helped me stay calm and hopeful during this rubbish trying again phase, the best one I'd say is "the baby making bible" - it's from a chinese medicine point of view so give it a miss if you're not interested in alternative stuff but I've found it really helpful.

dollylolly · 31/12/2010 17:41

Thank you for your advise, i know it will happen again one day but it took us 3 and half years before so im just hoping its not going to take that long again :) i have spoken to alot of people since i had my mc and alot of them have been very supportive but what pisses annoys me is when people say oh well you can try again! Im going to pop over to that link you have posted and take a look so thanks, xx

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