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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

was there a baby at all!

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cara0705 · 21/12/2010 13:39

i have a dd at 2yrs and my bf and i decided to try again so i came off pill and was getting periods as usual but on march this year i missed a period so did test and came back positive but faint but took no notice of anything as the same happened with the 1st test i done with dd but back to the story then a few days later started getting cramps n then bled hard with clots ect i bled for 10days+ then did other test and came back negative wen i had stopped bleeding then within days i started bleeding again the reason im asking is no doctor has ever told me if it was a mc or just a heavy bleed and they cant understand the pregnacy test either im pregnant again which was totally out of the blue n was just wondering if its ever happened to any1 else as the nhs dont know and im new to mn.

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hairyfairylights · 21/12/2010 18:09

You had a positive, then bled, then a negative, now a new positive? Probably pregnant again then.

hairyfairylights · 21/12/2010 18:10

Very confusing post.

Sounds like definately a miscarriage. No such thing as a false negative.

cara0705 · 21/12/2010 18:36

aw sorry this was back in march this happened i had a positive test then started bleeding and then had a negitive test after i stopped bleeding. sorry if it was confusing i should read it over in future but fell pregnant 2 months after all that happened when we stopped trying.

OP posts:
banana87 · 21/12/2010 18:57

Sounds like a chemical pregnancy. Sorry.

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