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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Recurrent miscarriage/genetic testing - this isn't good news is it?

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ClaireDeLoon · 21/12/2010 11:27

We've had three mc's and no DC's yet. After last mc they send the tissue off for cytogenetics study and histology. We went back for the results of the testing 4 months later and the sample had not contained foetal tissue, so they blood tested us both for karyotyping and chromosonal studies. That was late October and we were waiting for the results of that before going back to GP for a recurrent mc referral, the hospital that did the testing does not have such a clinic.

They were going to write to us with the results.

Just had a letter through, a cc of one sent to a Mr Demetrios Economidaes at the Royal Free Hospital in London. The letter is the hospital referring us to him directly, saying that we had had karyotyping and chromosonal studies and apparently enclosing cytogenetics for both of us (which I don't have as my letter is a copy).

This means that they've found something bad deosn't it? Because otherwise they'd have stuck with the original plan agreed with them at last appointment and confirmed by them in writing which was they write with the results and we go to GP for a recurrent mc clinic referral.

I can't stop crying I'm so upset. DP is at work.

Does anyone know if Mr Economides has a particular specilaism?

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hairyfairylights · 21/12/2010 12:00

so sorry for your losses.

Not necessarily. Can you give them a ring to find out what the score is?

Mr Economidaes is a miscarriage specialist, according to google.

Mr Economides

I was told that they would not test the 'fetal matter' but then got a letter to say they have and that they will discuss things further at the next appointment.

I have also been told many times they would ring with results, but they have then sent letters, and it hasn't all been bad news.

I totally sympathise with you - I have had two MC this year (aged forty two) and am at the beginning of tests.

ClaireDeLoon · 21/12/2010 12:14

thanks hairyfairy, very sorry for your losses too

I have just noticed the letter is signed by a Locum Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, not the normal consultant (who I have never even seen despte two hosiptal admissions with last mc). Maybe the locum just has more get up and go to actually make the referral?

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hairyfairylights · 21/12/2010 12:19

I know how horribly upsetting and incredibly frustrating it is - and I'm better at giving advice than heading it myself on this type of subject! I spent the entire day last week googling the blood tests results that the doctor said were 'normal' Blush

Take care of yourself, and although it's hard, try not to worry too much if you can.

If a locum has signed, then perhaps they did not feel comfortable in talking to you over the phone, and want your consultant, who knows you and your history to do it?

ClaireDeLoon · 21/12/2010 13:29

It just dominates your life doesn't it? I'm 38 and we have sub fertility, 3 pregnancies in 3 years of ttc and each mc seems like such cruelty.

I rang DP in his lunch break and read the letter to him and said about what you'd found about the consultant and he said to think of it as a step forward and he's right.

Roll on 2011 and happier times for us all.

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banana87 · 21/12/2010 19:03

Hi Claire. So sorry for your losses. I don't have personal experience of this doctor nor the type of letter you received. But what I do know (only through research and going thru similar things), they would check both yours and your DH's chromosomes and refer you to a genetist if there was something wrong. Odds are they found a missing chromosome in the fetal tissue, which in a sense is a good thing, because it means that is why you miscarried, it was likely a one off (even though it happened 3 times, it could have been three different missing chromosomes). It's great that you are being referred to a proper consultant specializing in recurrent miscarriage. I hope you get to the bottom of things and get your sticky BFP in 2011.

LunaticFringe · 21/12/2010 19:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClaireDeLoon · 21/12/2010 20:23

Thanks bananas - as I said in my OP there was no foetal tissue in the sample for them to test. The hospital therefore offered genetic testing on DP and I and we had a blood test for that purpose.

Thanks Lunatic, you're right, the referral is a good thing, whatever the reason for it. How far is out of area btw? The hospital referring me was Hertfordshire so I assumed a London hospital would be the norm. Was hoping for St Mary's but only because it's the one most frequently mentioned positively on here.

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LunaticFringe · 21/12/2010 20:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClaireDeLoon · 10/01/2011 11:41

Got my appointment letter this morning, 22nd February. Pleased it's not too long a wait.

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Kileyrs · 18/01/2011 03:51

Clairedeloon, i wish you lots of luck!! Im also in the recurrent miscarraige boat as Ive had 5 and no answers yet!! I would totally be thinking of this as positive as you can. Now you have a reason for your losses and you can move forward with whatever treatment is needed. I think the waiting game and looking for answers is the hardest, especially when you get no answers over and over again. I wish you the best of luck and hope you please keep us updated after your doctors appointment.Will be praying for the best for you on 2-22. :)

Dozer · 20/01/2011 22:10

When DH and I had the karyotyping tests done they said that they would refer us to a geneticist if problems were found.

Since your referral is to a mc specialist and not a geneticist it could just be that they have referred you to the mc specialist for additional tests and are forwarding the results of the karyotyping tests so that they don't have to be repeated ( these are the most expensive of the mc tests for the nhs).

You are entitled to see the test results and they should've been included in your copy of the letter. Your GP should be able to interpret them. You could contact the hospital where you had the tests through the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) and ask for the results, before your appointment.

ClaireDeLoon · 20/01/2011 23:11

Thanks for that Dozer, it's very helpful and reassuring. I will consider asking PALS for the results and doing as you say.

Kileyrs thank, sorry for your losses and lack of answers. Why don't you come and join us on teh recurrent mc thread? It's in this section, recurrent buns.

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