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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Anyone had an NHS referral to Dr Shehata, or even seen him privately? Any positive stories?

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Havingkittens · 20/12/2010 18:42

If so, how long did it take to get an appointment? If I can't get to see him on the NHS I will consider going privately as I am at the end of my tether.

I have just last week lost my 6th pregnancy. 4 miscarriages and 2 terminations due to fetal abnormalities. I've been under the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic at UCH and had all the tests that they do, including Antithrombin III 3 times just to be sure, so they were about as thorough as they could be I think. No answers were found and I was told that, as per Lesley Regan's theory, the only thing they could do was to give me early and very regular scans during my next pregnancy and an empirical dose of 75mg Asprin. This didn't work.

The only thing that obviously came up was my age, I will be 41 in a few weeks. My ovarian reserve is appropriately compromised but from what I gather, not alarmingly so. I can conceive very easily too, I just don't seem to be able to get very far.

I am now wondering about NK Cell testing. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had this and whether, if they tested positive, they have gone on to have a successful pregnancy. I am constantly being told this is very controversial, why is this so?

I'm also wondering, if my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies were not miscarried (well, obviously I don't know if they would have miscarried in the 2nd trimester) whether NK Cell testing would be irrelevant or whether it's something that can come up after "successful" pregnancies (or should I say not miscarried pregnancies)?

My head is spinning and I am just trying to work out where to go next. I'm feeling so lost and hopeless and just want to know that if and when I do decide it's time to give up that I have tried as much as I can so there are no "what ifs".

Sorry if this is a bit jumbled. I'm kind of tired and emotional (in the real sense, rather than a euphemism for drunk... although, is that the yard arm I can see?)

OP posts:
lovemysleep · 24/12/2010 19:32

I am about to start my treatment programmae with Dr Shehata.
Background goes something like this - 4 mc's, one daughter born after 1st mc, 3 mc's after. I've had all the tests done on the NHS, and they all came back negative - just the usual advice given to take aspirin and progesterone - never got that far.
Decided to go to Dr Shehata after initially going to Zita West clinic (didn't like them - felt like they were out to make as much money as possible from us).
So far, I have nothing but praise for Dr.S - he's very straightforward, no messing, and also seems to consider the costs for you. I have very high NK cells - 3 times what they should be, and am due to start taking steroids, progesterone in Jan when I ovulate. I will also have to have an intralipid infusion if I do get pg.
I know NK cells do cause a divide amongst the specialists , but as I have various auto-immune conditions, it just seems to make sense that this could be the reason for my losses.I just think doctors think that mc's are natures way of dealing with non-viable pgs, but if you read Dr. Beers book "IS your body baby friendly?", he disputes this. This may also help you to understand why their is a divide between the medical community.
I also think when you have had many losses, you will consider anything to get a baby! The only thing I won't do is IVIG - it's just way too expensive (about £1500 per treatment).
So far we have spent about £750 -that includes the prescription costs. I anticipate that we will maybe spend about £2000 minimum, with follow up consultations and scans. I am 39 in Jan, so like you, I am conscious of the old biological clock ticking! I have researched him, and it seems mostly positive stuff, and lots of pregnancys.
I was very much like you - didn't know where to turn to, couldn't work out who to see - and I'm REALLY glad we've gone to him. I finally feel like I am getting some answers and someone who is prepared to sort this out.Also, I have no problem conceiving (so far), I just cannot stay pg.
Good luck xx

Havingkittens · 28/12/2010 00:44

Thanks so much for posting lovemysleep. My doctor has referred me to Dr Shehata on the NHS at Epsom and St Helier hosptial so fingers crossed I can get to see him that way and not have to wait too long. I might call up after the Christmas break is over to see if I can find out how long the waiting list is. If it's really long I will consider going to him privately. How quickly did you manage to get an appointment with him?

OP posts:
lovemysleep · 31/12/2010 16:41

Sorry it's taken so long to get back - Christmas madness!!!! It took us about 3 weeks to get the first appointment. Hopefully, you may get one on the NHS quickly though. Good luck with it all

digitalgirl · 31/12/2010 22:00

lovemysleep do you mind me asking what auto-immune conditions you have? I'm also wondering whether to see dr shehata after 3 recurrent mc's. But only if my nhs tests rule out all other causes. I don't think I have any auto-immune conditions so not sure whether nk cells would be the cause.

lovemysleep · 03/01/2011 20:28

digitalgirl - I have asthma, psoriasis and allergies(hayfever, animals), so pretty run of the mill stuff and none of them are severe, they are all quite moderate really.
Once I started researching Dr Shehata, it kind of made sense to me to see him.
Maybe just see what your results come back with, like you said, and go from there. Good luck.

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