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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

OOh EXCITED! Got an appointment for the miscarriage clinic!!

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brokeoven · 08/12/2010 12:06

What will they do on my first appointment?
presumably they will want to know my history??
Will they have my hospital notes with it being a different hospital?

Its Liverpool, any one been there?

Gonna tell um all bout my broken oven Grin

OP posts:
KTDace · 08/12/2010 17:23

Jumping on as I too have my first appointment coming up and wanted to see what people who have experienced it are going to say.

I am scared and also fed up of people looking up my vagina but I guess I am going to have to let it happen if I want to know why I have miscarriages!

sotough · 08/12/2010 18:56

um, nobody "looked up my vagina" during two years worth of every miscarriage test under the sun, so you may be worrying for nothing on that front!
most likely they will do a preliminary scan of your uterus just to check you have normal looking ovaries and no fibroids/big cysts etc. They will take a detailed history - exactly when each miscarriage has taken place; whether a heartbeat had been seen etc, and whether you had an ERPC or it was "spontaneous", and also whether you have any children already. then they will see what tests youv'e already had, if any, and suggest further ones, usually just blood tests, unless there is a case for a hysteroscopy (camera inserted to look inside your uterus) which is done under general anasthaetic so you wouldn't see them looking up your vagina! you should hopefully leave the appointment with a plan of action, which is likely to be a second appointment to get the tests done if they can't do it then and there; or receive the results, if they can.

brokeoven · 08/12/2010 19:02

I cant remember when my mcs were. Will it not be in my notes?

Ive had that many, plus blocked it all out so dont know dates.

sotough, can i ask, what was the upshot of all of your tests over 2 years, did you get any answers in the end?

OP posts:
KTDace · 08/12/2010 19:16

thank god for that.............I can not worry about it now.

brokeoven · 08/12/2010 19:39

Haha KT! Thats a can keep your bits to yourself!

Where is your appointment? How do you feel about it?

OP posts:
KTDace · 08/12/2010 20:13

In London.

I hate hospitals and I seem to be forever at them these last couple of years.

I know I am lucky to have been referred after only 2 MCs but it really is the last place I want to be. I am still very depressed after last MC in Sept and perhaps not ready to be looking more into it, I don't know, maybe it is what I need.

How do you feel about it?

sotough · 09/12/2010 20:51

hi again, we were lucky enough (after being quite pushy) to eventually be referred to Lesley Regan's clinic at St Mary's Paddington, and my description of first appointments is based on my experiences there. I should add that the first appointment I had there was actually a really off putting, and distressing experience - we had a horrendous two hour wait in a very hot, overcrowded waiting room (my husband had to perch on a coffee table - not that there was any coffee! - as there were no seats)
the consultant we eventually saw after this huge build up was rude, unhelpful and had a really bizarre attitude. (his opening question, in aggressive tones: 'What do you want?' Shock I was like, er, you're the expert, and i would have thought it was perfectly obvious what we want - a baby!).
We left feeling totally despondent and I really didn't want to go back, but we forced ourselves. I am very glad we did, as the clinic has slightly different protocols for blood tests and though our results were totally inconclusive, they did throw up one tiny clue (one 'strongly positive' result for anticardiolipin antibodies, ie blood clotting - though repeat tests were negative) that we would not have had, if we'd relied on the results of tests by other clinics.
At the same time as going to St Mary's, we also went to a private London fertility clinic to be tested for NK Cells.
To cut a long story short, i am now 35 weeks pregnant (yay!!! ) after taking clexane (a blood thinner) experimentally (since my blood clotting result was inconclusive) and steroids for possible NK cells.
St Mary's looked after us very well after I got pregnant, with weekly scans until i reached 12 weeks - all on the NHS.
Who knows what made the difference this time - i do have a three year old son who arrived with no problem, so perhaps this pregnancy would have worked anyway - but the one thing i would say is, to leave no stone unturned in your search to find a cause for your miscarriages - even if it means carrying on when you feel you can't take any more.

chickenfriedrice · 09/12/2010 22:02

LWH recurrent m/c clinic is brilliant.

Ann-Marie the nurse who leads the service is fantastic.

Bearing in mind we had had all the tests at a smaller hospital with some very negative experinces with the epu and alleged m/c clinic LWH was a breath of fresh air.

The first appt was a very detailed history asking some questions that seemed quite bizzare but very relevant as was explained to me later on.

We did'nt see a doctor at the first visit but had lots of bloods taken and an appt for 6 weeks afterwards with the doctor for the results.

I was lucky enough to get an answer for my recurrent miscarriages, Factor v leiden but this was not found out with the previous tests I had at the smaller hospital.

I would recommend anyone to go to the m/c clinic at the womens, very professional,caring staff who should I become pregnant again follow you through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Good luck.

KTDace · 10/12/2010 07:57

sotough & chickenfriedrice it has been nice to hear your experiences and congrats on the pregnancy sotough, enjoy your last month!

I too have a 3YO so I am hoping that I will one day be able to have another.

I have my first appointment next week so I will post on here what happens.

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